October 21st, 2020

1 Hairstyle, 4 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Makenna Ashley

Halloween plans crop up at the last second? Well girlfriend, we've got your back! If you haven't given much (read: any) thought to dressing up this year, we have a handful of deceptively easy styles that anyone can achieve from home. These ideas are simple, quick, and doable for any beginner in the DIY department. All you'll need is one hairstyle, a couple makeup items, and a rummage around your closet. These last minute halloween costumes are the ticket to a super cute, still-glam Halloween!

1. The Hairstyle.

Let's be honest: every great look starts with the hair. This style is super simple, and you can dress it up or down any way you want. Add in a headband? Some clips?  Cat ears? You can do pretty much anything with a base of soft curls!

For this style, you'll need a curling iron or wand (I use a 1 1/4 barrel but any size works). You'll also want your One Piece Volumizer (if you don't have one, grab yours here). Cashmere Hair's One Piece seriously my secret weapon to getting gorgeous hair in seconds. Whenever I'm in a hurry but still want my hair to look fab, I throw in my Volumizer and it adds that next level to my hair that I love! If you're looking for a truly last minute halloween costume, the One Piece will definitely add that wow-factor.

Follow along with the video above, but feel free to add in your own little twist if you're feeling inspired! Remember, this is all about creating an easy but chic base for the costumes that are about to follow...

2. The Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Now that your hair is sufficiently gorgeous, let's get to the next part: the costumes! I've gathered a few options that consist mainly of your makeup look, with a few accessories thrown in if you have them handy. Let's get to it!

Costume 1: Deer

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Our first option is a deer! This one is so fun and with a bit of makeup, anyone can transform into this simple last minute Halloween costume. It's cute and flattering, and with those soft waves will be totally gorgeous. You could even go out in the yard and find some twigs to place on a headband for antlers. Dress in brown, or black and this costume is fool proof!

Costume 2: Angel

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Next up, the classic Angel. Do you have any clothing that's white and flowy? You could add some sparkles around your eyes, bright eyeshadow, a soft pink lip and then add that white and flowy dress. If you want, you could take pipe cleaners and create a halo, pick up a pair of angel wings, or make your own if you had some extra time!

Costume 3: Cat

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Next we have the classic cat! This one is so simple to do if you're in a hurry - a great option when looking for last minute Halloween costumes. Grab something cheetah or leopard printed out of your closet,  draw on some whiskers and you are good to go! If you have a headband with ears on it great, if not the whiskers will do just fine. You could even wear all black and then wear a cheetah shoe, or scarf if it'll be cold where you are. Soft curls, whiskers and a little bit of cheetah - it'll be gorgeous!

Costume 4: Fairy

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Fairies are a super-easy last minute Halloween costume to pull off - and they go great with curls! Use bright pastels for your eye makeup with a touch of glitter for an ethereal effect. Any matching dresses in bright pastel hues will work for your outfit - the key to this last minute costume is to dust off that Coachella (RIP) flower crown, or grab some blooms from your local shop to fashion one yourself.

last minute halloween costumes

We know it's been a wild year, so we hope this post has made at least one thing simple for you! Whether you're staying in, hanging with friends, trick or treating with family or watching a halloween movie, there's always an excuse to dress up and have some fun.

If you need more ideas to get inspired this Halloween, make sure to check out our previous posts, How To Get Disney Hair, and Best Halloween Costumes For Blondes.

We hope you have a fun and safe night no matter what you do, and we can't wait to see all the hairstyles and costumes you all come up with this Halloween! Remember to tag us on Instagram when you're rocking your extensions so we can see and share in the Halloween fun - you never know, you might even get reposted.