April 22nd, 2020

10 Simple Ways To Make A Lasting Impact For Earth Day

By Makenna Ashley

Our great big Earth is being celebrated on April 22nd and and we've compiled 10 simple and easy ways to make some big changes for the environment! I think it's important to respect and honor the place we call home, and I love that we all get to celebrate Earth Day together! We may not be able to do everything but we can do something, and these small changes will not only help the environment but also save you some money while we're at it! Ready to hear the 10 easy Earth Day ideas to make a big impact? Let's do this!

Go For A Hike

Let's start off by appreciating the Earth and all it does for us! A hike is not only a good way to get out and clear your head, it also helps remind us of where we live is beautiful and to be more mindful to take better care of our surroundings!

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Instead of using harsh chemicals that further disrupts our bodies and our planet, do some quick research to DIY some natural cleaners. It's amazing what some baking soda and vinegar can do!

Compost Food Waste

Setting aside food waste and other organic trash waste done can be fun for adults and kids alike! It would be a great way to show our kids how we can limit our waste and recycle in the purest form. When the food ends up in landfills, often there is not enough space/air to break down accordingly, which can create methane gas in the process. Do a quick google search on the benefits of composting food waste - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

Switch To Reusable Bags

Switching our bags takes minimal effort and is very cost effective! We've gotten some from Trader Joe's, but there are so many different options. This is a quick, cheap, one time investment that will save the waste of lots and lots of plastic bags over time!

Use Cloth Towels Instead Of Paper Towels

During this time of quarantine I have actually been shocked in how much I don't need paper towels. I decided in the beginning of this to grab some cloth hand towels to use for cleaning, wiping spills etc. Admittedly, I was a paper towel junkie before this. But now I'm a definite convert, cloth towels are the way to go. Not only less waste but so much cheaper too!

Wash Laundry In Cold Water

Making this switch will not only help energy usage go down, but also your costs! We've implemented this for years now, and it's rare I need to wash something on warm or hot. I was surprised when I first switched that our clothes really don't need to be washed on anything other than cold for the most part!

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

A simple thing that takes seconds but can save so much energy, and again, making your energy bill go down! Did you know even when we aren't using our appliances, as long as they are plugged in, they are still requiring energy? Simple things such as lamps, toasters, coffee machines, etc., simply unplug them after you're done using them.

Plant A Tree

One of the most common suggestions to celebrate Earth Day, and for good reasons! Each year millions of trees are cut down to produce substance for things we use every day. Planting a tree is an easy yet impactful way to replenish the Earth of what we're using!

Start A Garden

Not only is a garden a wonderful way to make use of our Earth, but it also can be therapeutic and also so healthy for our bodies to be eating fresh food! Even if all you have room for is an herb garden in your windowsill, we can all start somewhere! It also will cut down on waste from the packaging of plastic bags and containers for our produce.

Unsubscribe From Junk Mail

The dreaded junk mail, we all know and many of us have! Ever feel overwhelmed by all the junk mail in your mailbox? Take some time to unsubscribe from these lists and you'll get rid of the overwhelm while simultaneously eliminating waste from this extra paper that's going straight in your trash! Want a bonus tip?? Re-use your Cashmere Hair bags for storage instead of throwing it out! Check out these ideas below: We love our planet, so in an effort to reduce waste, we continue to provide you with minimal packaging that is recyclable with our hair extensions and accessories. We know a big fancy box and confetti may make you excited to receive your new hair extensions, but we feel that the environment is precious and we prefer to make less waste that you will just throw it away. Did you know that you can keep your hair extensions plastic bag and store other things inside of it? You can keep extra office supplies to-go, things for kids art on the go - like crayons, stickers and small pieces of paper, organize coupons, and so much more. We also provide you with a reusable black satin bag that you can use for makeup, small toys, etc. Our brush comes in a reusable bag as well, instead of paper and or plastic packaging that you would normally just throw away. It's great for either storing your brush in when traveling, or using it to organize other small items. Our haircare products also come in reusable bags, that are great for organizing all types of items, vitamins and medications, toys, hair accessories, makeup, etc. Our haircare bottles can either be recycled when they are empty or they can be refilled with other beauty products for the perfect travel size! Our hair extensions storage bag also doesn't come with any extra fancy packaging that you would just throw away which we think is perfect for the environment! The bubble mailers that we use can be recycled as well, and you can easy drop off at your local Target locations. In front of their stores they have recycle stations where you can drop off your items. Other ways to help the earth? Limit your returns! Returning or exchanging items is not good for Mother Earth. Each returned package, leaves a trail of emissions from all the transportation that carry it back to the seller. That pollution contributes to climate change and worsens air quality, That's why we try our best to help you get your hair color match the first time! Text us at 213-222-3878 for a fast and free color match. You can also email us photos of your hair. Maybe you try one of these ideas or maybe you implement them all - I think it's important to remember we all start somewhere and even one simple change can make a lasting impact! Caring for our environment in these small ways is so important and will truly help  make the world a better place. So let's all do our part this Earth day by reducing waste, improving air quality, saving energy and keeping our world beautiful!