August 9th, 2019

5 Things That Damage Your Hair

By LindseyCatherineblog

Aside from genetics and health factors you cannot control, there are a few things you are doing in your daily life that damage your hair. What you do daily effects not only your skin, but your hair.

Things that Damage your Hair

Poor Diet

Having a healthy diet that is rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3s, protein, and iron will help your hair in the long run. Once you start incorporating more of those into your diet, it allows for your hair to be longer, stronger, and shiny. Incorporating a multivitamin daily helps too.

Styling Tools

If you are using a styling tool (straightener, curling iron/wand, crimper) that is too hot for your hair, it will cause breakage, therefore your hair will start to stop growing. Blow drying your hair daily also adds additional heat that can be easily avoided. Start by air drying your hair for a little bit and blow drying when your hair is mostly dry to style. By doing this it will long term help your hair grow stronger, this leaves your hair less damaged.


Overtime studies show that smoking will lead to hair loss long term and early signs of greys. The toxins while smoking are harmful to the hair follicles and cause damage.

Wearing Tight Hair Styling

Styling your hair with rubber bands or scrunchies that are too tight will in term make you cause breakage to each hair follicle. Try wearing your hair down more often and if you wear it up, make it loose fitting.


Washing your hair daily with shampoo will take the moisture and oils out, causing breakage. Make dry shampoo your best friend and try washing your hair 3 times a week. Also, using the right products will help add moisture to your hair.

How to Make your Hair Healthier?

By avoiding overwashing, using too much heat, and eating right your hair will be healthier. Another option for quick length in your hair is clip-in hair extensions. Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair and no damage will occur when using them. It's a quick and less expensive alternative to more semi-permanent extensions. Cashmere Hair Extensions can be reapplied daily for a longer style. Take a look below at how I wear mine daily. I am wearing the Sunset Blonde 16".    xo,