January 2nd, 2020

5 Top New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

By Cashmere Hair

The New Year is finally here and I couldn't be more excited. 2020 has such a nice ring to it and it's easy to remember. Usually it takes me awhile to remember changing the year to the new one when writing dates down. As with every New Year we are so eager for a fresh new start, a second lease at life. We love making resolutions but often time we don't follow through. Life gets in the way, our busy schedules, children and events. I've always struggled with self discipline and every year I say this is going to be my year. To keep me accountable I have done some research and lucky for you I have come up with some resolution ideas and tips and tricks to follow them. When I think of resolution I think of self discipline. That's the key to accomplishing any goal you would like to achieve. It's easier said than done. Self disciple is a form of self love. In order to practice it you'll have to say NO to a lot of things. No to that new show on Netflix, no to social gatherings, no to short trips. Here are a few New Year resolutions that anyone can manage and incorporate in their daily lives.
  1. Exercise More

What else is new? I make this resolution every year and some how do not manage to follow through. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. Sometimes  I will work out a few times a week and sometimes I do not go for a whole month. I definitely feel more motivated when I have a trip coming up and would like to get in shape. This time around I plan to hold myself accountable by scheduling classes ahead of time. My gym has a cancellation policy and allows only 3 strikes. After three class cancelations I can't schedule a class for a whole month. If this is not a strong penalty for you I suggest joining a yoga or pilates studio. Most of these studios charge you a fee If you cancel a class too close to the start time. Who wants to lose money? Better get yourself to class and get your sweat on!

2. Fix My Posture

I definitely have tech neck from all the slouching I do on a daily basis! I have the worst posture and the older I get the worst my posture looks. It's hard when your job requires you to sit in front of your computer all day. It feels so comfortable to slouch rather than sit up straight for 5-8 hours. This year I have decided to be mindful of how I sit , walk and sleep. I sleep in a fetal position which is so bad your posture and your back. There are a few tricks and tools that I plan to use to improve my posture.
  • sleep on my back
  • setting reminders on my phone
  • tuck my stomach in
  • keep a sticky note on my computer that says "posture"
  • wear Upright GO

3. Meditate

I have been meditating for about two years on and off. This practice makes such a difference in my life and strengthens my focus in other areas of my life. I get disappointed with myself when I don't meditate and procrastinate because it really is such an amazing practice and it can really change your life. This is year I plan to make meditation a priority. Here's how:
  • set my alarm 20 minutes earlier
  • go to bed by 10 p.m
  • download the app Headspace
  • find a mediation buddy a.k.a hubby

4. Skin and Hair TLC

Why on earth is it such burden to wash your face at night? I struggle with this. I don't have a skin routine and I envy those girls that do and care about their skin. Washing my make up off is a chore for me but I really try to go to bed with a fresh face but piling on different creams and serums that's a whole other story. As I enter my mid thirties I can see some visible sign of aging and I don't like it! Since it's not too late to do something about it I plan to give my skin and hair the attention they deserve by:
  • Start my night skin routine as soon as I get home from work
  • Change pillow case to a silk pillow case to prevent wrinkles.
  • Sleep on my back
  • Wash my hair twice a week instead of every other day
  • Wrap my hair night so it stays in place
  • Replace semi permanent hair extensions with clip in hair extensions

5. Breathe

Lastly I would like to relax and quiet my monkey mind and just be and live in the moment. Thinking about the future sometimes it makes me anxious. I feel like I'm running out of time and I am not accomplishing certain things. The truth us that there is no race. Life is not a competition. Everyone is on a different path. Worrying about the past and future blindsides us and we forget about the now. I love reading in my spare time and a book that has captured my attention is the Power Of Now by Elkhart Tolle. It really emphasizes the importance of being present and how time doesn't exist. I hope you find these tips helpful and get inspired by my resolutions. Please comment below and tell me If you make New Years resolutions and If so what are they?