March 29th, 2019

Aries You Are On Fire: Your Hair And Fashion Forecast For 2019 Is Here

By Cashmere Hair

Aries you are on fire! You are known to be one of the most fiery signs in the Zodiac. Spontaneous and energetic you love setting new trends and do not like following the crowd. Because of your honesty your friends love to ask you for fashion advice. You are not afraid to wear bold colors and animal prints. Although there is no fashion statement you are not willing to make, you do love comfy clothes too much which sometimes it doesn't allow you to be your most creative self.

This is your most competitive year yet. Every dream and idea you may have this is the year to go after them. Go with the flow, surrender and stop trying to force it. You need to get in alignment with whatever you wish to achieve. Whether it is through meditation or praying you need to get in alignment. Your theme for this year is to let go and hand it over to the universe. Learn to master manifestation. Walk away from things that do not serve you anymore.

Aries Traits

  • A for Assertive
  • R for Refreshing
  • I for Impulssive 
  • E for Energetic
  • S for Sexy

Speaking of impulsive there is no other sign more impulsive than you. Not only you tend to blurt out things without thinking you are also the first one to make impulsive purchases when that sale crosses your path. If you see it, you love it, you buy it. This can be a downside and put a dent in your bank account but fortunately you are very good at making money. Although you like to make bold statements with your outfits your favorite things to buy are sports gear and wear.

Aries Fashion Forecast

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It's no surprise that your favorite color is Red. There is no other color that matches your outgoing and fiery personality better then red. Whether you are in a "Lady In Red" kind of mood or accent your outfit with a pop of red it is not uncommon to find this color in your closet. Although Red is your favorite color, for everyday use you love being comfortable and tend to wear a lot of black and white options. But make no mistake, when there is an event you will be sure to turn heads.

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Matching bold colors is your expertise. You stand out in block colored outfits with lots of accessories.

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If there could be an outfit you could wear every day it would be this one. You love comfy clothes and this outfit is just that with a fashion twist.

Aries Hair Accessories

2019 is all about hats and head accessories for Aries. You love making a statement and the more original the better. The way you pick and wear accessories really makes you stand out from the crowd. You can take any simple outfit and turn it into a work of art just by choosing the perfect accessories. Making a bold statement is your expertise but make sure it  is always at an appropriate destination.

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Tying a ribbon or scarf to your ponytail is a sure statement to give your look fashion-girl flair. You can create this look by adding clip-in hair extensions. They are so easy to apply and won't damage your hair.

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The biggest hair trend for 2019 are hair clips. Crystal embedded with messages these hair clips have taken the fashion world by storm. For a similar hair clip shop here.

Aries Hairstyles

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A classic Aries, Kristen Stewart known for her role in the Twilight saga can rock any hairstyle. Her bold and fearless personality isn't afraid of change. She's a fan of dark hues but as she's gotten older she's transitioned to the lighter side. Her blue eyes and skin tone can rock any hairstyle. I love this pixie cut which is a major trend for Aries this year. If you are going to take the plunge and get your hair to this lighter shade make sure you have a hairstylist who specializes in blondes and will transition you from brunette to blonde slowly.

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This fashion icon has never been afraid to take risks whether it's with her style choices or her hair. Sarah Jessica Parker is a typical Aries woman, fun, fierce and bold.

Please leave a comment below If you have any questions. If you are an Aries I would really love to know If you really love bright bold colors, especially red.