November 30th, 2014

Can I Wear Clip In Hair Extensions To Sleep?

[caption id="attachment_368" align="aligncenter" width="474"]20131207-141612.jpg Photo of Claudia Fijal from Kandy Magazine. Claudia is wearing Cashmere Hair in Lightest Blonde[/caption] Part of what makes clip-in hair extensions among the safest, and least damaging is the fact that you can remove them from your head during the times when the most damage can occur, such as sleeping on them, showering, and swimming. It may seem like common sense to the more experienced hair extension wearers, but for the newbies, it's a question we get asked frequently. So, NO, do not sleep with your clip-in hair extensions still attached to your hair. Not only will it be quite uncomfortable, but the metal from the clips can pull on your hair while you toss and turn in your sleep, which isn't good for your hair or your scalp. To some girls, sleeping with them clipped in might seem like a good idea. You might think that it is saving you some time "styling" them in the morning, but realistically, they are more likely to hold their style longer if you properly hang them up at night on the hanger (from Cashmere Hair's Luxury Bag,) than sleeping on them. They will stay tangle free & ready to just clip in in the morning. So, as part of your bed time beauty routine, take those few extra seconds to un-clip your clip-ins from your head, brush them with the Cashmere Hair Brush for a quick de-tangle and refresh, and properly hang them on the hanger from Cashmere Hair's Luxury Bag overnight. To order the Luxury Bag + Hanger & Cashmere Hair Brush, CLICK HERE.