May 5th, 2016

Cashmere Story: 16" Dark Brown

By Cashmere Hair

Milla Tiab is graduating from college in two weeks and recently shared some of her graduation photos with us. She has been wearing her Cashmere Hair clip-ins for over two months and was so kind to share how amazing they look in these photos.

Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions“These extensions are the real deal, so happy I found them!” -Milla Tiab

Here are a few details about Milla’s Hair _________________________________________

What shade and length of Cashmere Hair® Extensions are you wearing? They are the “Dark Brown” shade #2 in the 16 inch length.  My hair was a little darker than the extensions, so I dyed the extensions and my hair for the perfect match.

Is this your first set of extensions? This is my first set of extensions from Cashmere Hair.  I have been wearing hair extensions for the past 8 years, and these Cashmere Hair Extensions are amazing!

Did you customize them in any way?  (Cut, color, etc?) I had them dyed as previously mentioned, I forget which but either my natural hair or the extensions were a little too warm.  I also had them trimmed so the cut and tradition between my hair wasn’t so blunt.

Are you wearing the full set? If not, how many tracks are you wearing? Yes, wearing the full set.  I actually wear them a little differently then recommended from Cashmere.  I put two pieces with two clips as side pieces (by my bangs)  because that was my problem area with breakage and it adds more volume than just the one piece clips.

Describe your own hair? What is the current length, texture, etc.? My hair is pretty corse, very very tight curls, and past my shoulders when straightened.  As previously mentioned I do have breakage around my bang area.

Please tell us your story & why you chose Cashmere Hair®? I purchased Cashmere Hair after doing tons and tons of research and reviews.  I’m in college so spending $200 on hair without trying it is really hard, so I really do depend on reviews for a guide.  I purchased Bellami extensions twice before and the were a total loss, both times the hair was terrible and would tangle really bad.  So then I would just get permanent extensions and I had those for a really long time.  Now I’m just trying to let my hair chill and grow and I put in clip-ins when I need them for length.  Also, I saw your episode on Shark Tank and that’s my FAVORITE show (seeing as I’m a business major). I knew you guys had to have been a great product!

Photo Credits: Follow @millat and @bloomphotographyca on Instagram to see more photos