September 15th, 2014


By Cashmere Hair

Color matching is the most important way to get the perfect color match. This is a simple way to achieve this task. Match the ends of your hair to the shades on the Cashmere Hair website and choose the shade that is the closest match to the ends of your hair. Because our roots are constantly growing out and being colored, the roots will always be lighter or darker than the rest of our hair. It's the ends of your natural hair that needs to blend seamlessly with your hair extensions, so don't worry about matching the shade of the hair extensions to your roots. There is also a video to watch on each Cashmere Hair shade that shows the shade up close & personal.


If you are still uncertain on your color match you can always choose to order color swatches on the Cashmere Hair Website.

Once you receive your Cashmere Hair extensions, bring them with you to a professional hair colorist who can color your natural hair to match the shade of the hair extensions for natural and seamless blending. You will only need to do this step of coloring if you want your hair extensions to also match the roots of your natural hair. Some girls prefer the roots to be darker so they don't need to take them to their hairstylist.


If you decide to color your hair extensions instead of your natural hair to match the color, make sure that you pick a CH shade that is lighter than your natural hair color. It is always safer to darken hair than it is to lighten it as the chemical process to achieve the darker color will not be as harsh on your hair extensions. However, we highly recommend choosing the best shade over this option so that you can enjoy your Cashmere Hair Extensions for a longer amount of time. We have over 18 shades to choose from so you should not have a problem finding your perfect color match.

**Please note that although Cashmere Hair Extensions may be colored, we do not recommend coloring, bleaching or altering them chemically in any way as this will shorten the life span and jeopardize the quality of your hair extensions. We cannot guarantee the quality will be the same if the hair extensions are chemically processed.