June 9th, 2016

Easy Half Up Top Knot Tutorial

By Makenna Ashley

Top Knots are a great option on a bad hair day, originating in Asia and historically a hairstyle worn by men, the top knot has become a clever way to create an interesting high bun for women that can be worn for any occasion. This hairstyle can also be worn creatively in a half up style, giving you the fullness and length using Cashmere Hair extension and still creating that cute top knot.

Hi lovelies,

I wore this hairstyle in a recent video of mine, and had gotten quite a few requests on how to do this look. It's very simple and easy to achieve, so grab a few bobby pins and a clear elastic and you're set! This is one of those styles that will turn out a bit different each time you do it.  When I wear this hairstyle I like to go for the boho vibes so I pair it with loose waves, but you could do straight or curly hair as well! xo