June 10th, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

By Cashmere Hair

With Father's Day around the corner (June 19th, 2016) we've help you come up with some gift ideas for dad to show him some appreciation for all his hard work being a great dad. Women tend to spend a lot more time on their appearance, with beauty products and grooming in general. Since we seem to be experts, why not share some of our knowledge and love for beauty with dad? Guys don't always like to go shopping for the grooming products they need, so stock up on his favorite products for him & put in a masculine gift basket/box. Weather it's your own dad, husband or babydaddy that you are honoring this Father's Day, here are some great gift ideas:

  1. Joico I.C.E. Spiker Water Resistant Styling Glue: For the Dad who wears his hair spikey or super straight. Perfect for defined texture and separation, virtually waterproof grip, the ability to create any shape, including straight-out spikes
  2. American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme For Men: Excellent for curly or straight sleek hair, achieve a clean finish with low shine.
  3. Tigi Bed Head Manipulator: For Dad's who like to wear hair long & sleek, this product allows you to push hair around in any direction, create shape and separation, and is also great for spikes.
  4. Sexy Hair Short Sexy Hair Rough and Ready Styling Gunk: Perfect for Dad with short hair to provide rough, erratic texture, won't build up in hair and delivers medium hold, leaves hair with rough-and-ready-for-action texture, adding extra dimension, shine, and definition.
  5.  Gift Certificate to a local salon: Dad's are either really picky about who cuts their hair, or they really don't care. but even for dad, it's nice to get pampered a bit with a head massage and a trim. Get him an appointment and gift certificate at a local salon and make sure they know to give him some extra head/neck massage time while getting shampoo'd!
  6. Wahl Trimmer: From facial hair to home haircutting to products every Dad could use a Wahl Trimmer for at home hair grooming.
  7. New Baseball Hat: If dad is more of the type to wear a hat most days or LOVES his sports team, get him a new hat with his favorite team logo. (We know he loves his old hat one, but maybe it's time he wore a clean one for a while?)
  8. Apple  iWatch or Fitbit: Get Dad a new tech watch with either the Apple iWatch or a Fitbit for the fitness guy!
  9. Favorite Cologne: You can't go wrong with a new scent for Dad or a refill of a favorite one.