November 21st, 2016

Hair Extension Color Chart

By Cashmere Hair

This hair extension color chart was created in an effort to help you, our customers decide which shade is right for you. We created this to compare shades side by side, so that you can see the tones, shades, lightness and darkness of the extensions. We hope this helps some of you determine what shade will be the best match with your hair. It is always important to us that you choose the correct shade to match with your own hair, for perfectly blended and seamless extensions. Don't forget we are always here to help you & can recommend the perfect shade, so please reach out to us via email for our help: // Or you can call us at 213-222-3878. **Colors may vary due to monitor & shades may appear darker or lighter on your computer screen than in real life.

CLICK HERE to view the entire Color Chart.

[divider] BLONDES

Color Chart Cashmere Hair Color Chart Cashmere Hair

[divider] BRUNETTES Color Chart Cashmere HairColor Chart Cashmere Hair

Color Chart Cashmere Hair

[divider] REDS

Color Chart Cashmere Hair

[divider] OMBRES

Color Chart Cashmere Hair

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SWATCHES are available for you to order to see what our hair colors look like in person & to perfectly match with your own hair.  


3+ photos of your hair to, we would be happy to help you choose the best shade to match with your hair color. Make sure you include the ends, front & back of your hair in the photos.


Each full set of Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions INCLUDES a separate TESTER PIECE that you are welcome to open, clip-in, test out for color and length, before opening the full set. This way you can order your extensions right away, and if the Tester Piece isn’t a great color match, send the set back to us to exchange it for the correct shade.