November 1st, 2014

Hair Extensions At The Gym?

By Cashmere Hair

IMG_4207-1.JPGIt's pretty much unavoidable when you work out, sweat gets on your hair. Which means if your hair extensions are permanently bonded, your hair extensions will get wet and dirty & will need to be washed after your workout, probably blow dried & styled as well. Clip in hair extensions offer a great low maintenance solution to this time consuming task. Hang them up before working out, or skip wearing them to the gym altogether. This gives you the opportunity to workout without them, which is more comfortable, not having all that hair on your head, to soak up sweat & weigh you down. BUT.....if you just have to have that extra hair on your head at all times, like we know some of you ladies do. . . invest in an extra set of clip in extensions, or use an old set to be the ones that you wear to the gym.