October 31st, 2014

Halloween Hair Inspiration: Dip Dyed Extensions

By Cashmere Hair

dip-dyed-hair cashmere hair clip in extensions A super creative way to start off your Halloween is by clipping in your Cashmere Hair clip-in extensions. Wearing your hair extensions will finalize your costumes and give your hair that extra VaVaVoom your sexy, scary, or cute costume is needing. Feel free to tease them up big, smooth them sleek, or curl them as you see fit for your costume. We are also seeing a lot of girls dip dying their hair extensions to their favorite shades. You can do this by using a semi gloss (your brand of choice) and running the ends of the hair with the color you have chosen to achieve a fun ombre shade. Privana glosses are our favorites!  Since your goal is to create a fun color added the extensions, you don't need to saturate the hair like you would normally dye your hair. This would be a temporary look with a fun color and applied mid-length to the ends. Over several washes to the hair extensions the gloss will eventually fade out. We recommend trying colors as light pink, light blue, or light red. If you aren't a professional & know what you are doing, in order to avoid ruining your extensions, we recommend taking them to a professional hairstylist for assistance. cashmere hair clip in hair extensions purple What you will need: 1. Color gloss of choice 2. Mixing bowl & Tint Brush 3. Shampoo & Conditioner Blow dry and style as pleased! COMING SOON! Soon to be launching a few fun shades to our Cashmere Hair Color Collection. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for these fun new Peek-a-boo shades in 2 weeks! If you didn't get a chance to order Cashmere Hair Extensions before Halloween, order a set now and use code: HALLOWEENHAIR for $10 off! Click here to ORDER: