January 4th, 2015

How much will wedding hair extensions cost me?

By Cashmere Hair

Gorgeous Wedding day hair is simple with Cashmere Hair@ clip-in hair extensions, and the prices are:

The 20" Length is $289.99 The 16" Length is $199.99 NEED A LONGER LENGTH? Email us at to place a custom order & for pricing (takes 3-4 weeks, so please order soon if you need them in time for your wedding day!)

Need a shorter length? Feel free to have your Cashmere Hair® Clip In Extensions cut by a professional & experienced hair stylist to the desired length. 

Like with all hair extensions, cost depends on the quantity and length of hair extensions required in order to achieve the desired look. But with Cashmere Hair® clip-in hair extensions there is no "service fee" to clip them in. Most wedding hairstylists have no problem clipping them in for you while styling your hair on your wedding day. Just make sure that you hire one that has worked with extensions before, so they are familiar with them.  CASHMERE HAIR® Clip-In Hair extensions are THE BEST hair extension option for brides! It's a non-permanent & safe option for your wedding day that gives you fullness, length & makes any wedding hairstyle dreamy and simply stunning. Permanent salon type hair extensions are so much more costly, damaging and time consuming. You may think that you want to wear them also on your honeymoon, while swimming, etc...but even that is high maintenance and really unhealthy for your hair. You are much better off just clipping Cashmere Hair® in when you go out to that romantic dinner with your new hubby, rather than trying to rock them all day and night long. Let your hair be free while laying on the beach and swimming in the clear blue ocean.  

Not sure what shade to order, or length?

Email us 3+ photos of your current hair color and length so we can make our best & professional recommendation for you to