March 21st, 2014

How to WASH your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions

By Cashmere Hair

How to WASH your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions:

1. Remove clip-in from your hair prior to washing. Extensions can be worn up to 15 wears without washing.

2. Gently brush out all tangles. We recommend using the Cashmere Hair brush which is specially designed to be gentle on extensions, but excellent for detangling. Gently brush in sections starting at the bottom and moving up.

3. Wash with a gentle shampoo, sulfate free or a formula made for hair extensions.

4. Use a moisturizing conditioner and work it onto every strand after shampooing and finger comb to reduce tangles.

5. Blot extensions with a towel and allow to air dry by separating and hanging the the top of the track by pant hangers or lay flat on a towel to airdry for natural waves.  For a straight look, blow dry extensions and flat iron to smooth.