February 24th, 2016

Let Us Recommend A Shade!

By Cashmere Hair

The professionals at Cashmere Hair & our awesome customer service team can give you a very accurate recommendation on which shade to choose if you email us photos of your hair color.
Here's how to send good photos:
  1. Have someone else take the photos for you helps to get more accurate results. One from the front, side and back are best. Please make sure to include what the ends and back of your hair color look like, since that is the part blends with the hair extensions. Do not just send photos of your roots, or part of your hair color.
  2. Taking photos in natural light are very helpful (outside or by a window) to give us a good idea of the true color. Do not send photos that are taken in your bathroom lighting, or in direct sunlight, or at night.
  3. Send us at least 3-4 images that you think are accurate and current representations of  your hair color. Do not send photos that are old and out of date as to what your current hair color looks like.
  4. Don't worry about what you look like in the photo! We don't judge you or  care whether you are wearing makeup or not.
  5. Your hair must be down in photos if you want a recommendation for Clip in hair extensions, and in a ponytail for accurate recommendations for the ponytail.
To help us even further, feel free to write a description of what you think your hair looks like, for example: "dark blonde with light blonde highlights" or " dark brown with warm/red undertones."
Thanks in advance for sending over a photos when you get a few moments & we looking forward to making a recommendation!
-The Cashmere Hair Girls,
Rachel & Melissa