May 20th, 2020

Memorial Day Social Distancing Ideas + Braid Tutorial

By Cashmere Hair

With summer almost here, I know many are feeling a mix of emotions. Depending on where you live, Memorial Day weekend looks quite different than usual: parades have been cancelled, BBQ's postponed, beaches closed. And while these are certainly first-world problems, it's ok to feel a little disappointed about a socially-distanced Memorial Day.

As strange as things are, we can still remember our service members and celebrate the start of summer in style... we've just got to get a little creative. Read on for a few of my favorite Memorial Day social distancing activities!

Memorial Day Social Distancing

1. Backyard Beach

Closed beaches got you down? Don't want to brave the swarm of people at a freshly-opened shore spot? Create your own backyard beach escape for a perfect Memorial Day social distancing afternoon .

Grab your plushest beach towels, a pool float, and cooler of beach snacks and lay out for the day sans-ocean (just don't forget your SPF). Bonus: if you're missing those saltwater curls, check out our DIY salt spray or our perfect beach waves tutorial. Fully glammed and ready to go!

2. Thank-You Letters for our Servicemen

write letters to military This is a great one if you have kids cooped up at home (or just feel like a cooped-up kid yourself). Break out the arts and crafts and let your creativity run free - our military men and women will certainly appreciate it! Talk about yourself, draw a picture, add some crafty flair, and don't forget to thank them for their service. You can send finished letters to Support Our Troops (their info can be found here) and they'll forward them to our active-duty military personnel. An afternoon of crafting could mean the world to someone far from home and missing their family.

3. Memorial Day Social Distancing BBQ

This one depends heavily on where you live, as everyone is experiencing different levels of Memorial Day social distancing. From a virtual hang where everyone starts BBQing at 4 and brings their laptop for a Zoom hangout, to a socially-distanced lawn chair party with only one person manning the grill, we can get creative and find new ways to connect while still respecting the situation at hand.

4. Virtual Vacation

Many of us stuck social distancing on Memorial Day are also lamenting cancelled travel plans (again, we know, first-world problems). Don't despair - instead, use this three-day weekend to get creative and bring the destination to you! Cancelled cruise to the Bahamas? Mix up a pitcher of frozen cocktails, play some tropical music, and lay out in a sunny spot in your yard. Postponing your Italy trip until the country is back on its feet? Find a classic recipe and try your hand at making homemade pasta (and if you're in a place to give, you can help Doctors Without Borders care for those living in affected areas by donating here).

BONUS: Memorial Day Hair Tutorial

Memorial Day Hair Tutorial I don't know about you, but I've had a long two months of lockdown, and as a result I'm on a constant hunt for activities to break up the routine. So, why not get a little creative this weekend and try something new with your hair? Our stylist Haley put together this tutorial for a simple - but super cute - Memorial Day hairstyle. Check out her video and keep reading for the step-by-step process below!

Step 1: Clip In Your Extensions.

The first step is always Cashmere (this is our blog, duh). Haley uses our Volumizer One-Piece, which is even simpler to use than our regular clip-in extension sets. Just section your hair about 1" above your ears and snap the one-piece in! P.S. If you need a more step-by-step process on how to clip in our Volumizer One-Piece, you can check out a tutorial here.

Step 2: Curl Your Hair.

For this style, texture is a must. Haley uses a wand curling iron to curl her hair, going section by section to get the perfect wave. If it's easier, you can curl your Cashmere Hair extensions ahead of time for an even faster styling session (we cover how to curl your extensions in this post).

Step 3: Create Two Braids.

Make a triangle section and clip hair out of the way. Then, clip a 3" weft (from our full extension set) diagonally along the part. Haley adds the extra weft to give her braid that super-lush, full look. Let your hair down and begin braiding the section, pulling in more hair until the braid is an inch or two behind your ear. Braid hair down to the ends, then pancake to make it look fuller by pulling out the sides slightly. Secure with a hair tie. Then, repeat for the other side. The result is two chunky braids with no extensions showing!

Step 4: Add A Bandana.

For the final step, Haley adds a super-cute, seasonal accessory. Roll up a bandana so it resembles a tie (should be 1-2" in width). Gather both braids at the back of your head, then remove the hair ties - make sure you keep hold of the braids so they don't come undone! Place your bandana under the braids, then wrap it around and tie off. You can adjust the tie for comfort and desired tightness. Memorial Day Hair Tutorial And that's it! Very simple, super cute, and makes use of all those extra bandanas we ordered for face coverings. Want to recreate Haley's look? She wears our Volumizer One-Piece in Sunset Blonde. Shop Cashmere Extensions She also uses the 3" wefts from her Clip-In Extension Set in Sunset Blonde. Shop Cashmere Extensions   Well ladies, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, and I'm excited to see you all more around here on the Cashmere Hair Blog! I hope you have a thoughtful, safe, and peaceful Memorial Day - don't forget to thank the military personnel in your life. Also, if you liked her tutorial make sure you check out more content by our wonderful stylist Haley - she can be found on Instagram at @hairbyhaleyo and