February 13th, 2020

Spring Cleaning Home + Heart Challenge

By Makenna Ashley

Holiday season has come and gone and if you're anything like me than you're probably ready to clear the clutter that seems to be everywhere! I'm a firm believer to simply enjoy and take the holidays to rest as much as possible - but there comes a time (and I'm feeling it now!) that I want to clear out anything I've neglected, or collected that doesn't serve a purpose! It's time for some spring cleaning!

I think with the 'newness' Spring brings with fresh flowers and air that turns crisp and warm, something inside me wants to de-clutter and freshen up my home. Have you ever heard the saying, "a cluttered home is a cluttered mind?" Wow! I think about this in my own life and I must say - whenever I clear out the 'junk drawers' and do a purge to get rid of extra things we've collected over time, I feel SO much better and more at rest mentally!

I tend to get overwhelmed when I see so many spaces that need extra love so I like to break it up and do something each day until it's done. Organizing and de-cluttering is not my favorite thing to do, but getting rid of un-needed stuff and having a clean organized house is well worth the bit of extra work to me! So, let's get to it!

The challenge: let's spend 30 minutes a day, to attack those often messy and neglected spaces and go after a clear home and heart! Here are some common spaces you'll want to keep in mind while de-cluttering:


Are you a messy closet kinda gal or a perfectly neat and organized type? I fall somewhere in the middle, normally a quick 30 minute refresh is all that's needed to re-organize the shoes, purge or store any items you haven't worn in years & re-fold the messy piled up clothing that we throw in a hurry. A clean closet is a big one for me - try it out and I promise you'll feel so much more organized when starting your day!

Beauty Spaces

Any other beauty lovers out there? Hello! If you love beauty products like I do, you probably have tons of beauty products stored up in your drawers and bins in the bathroom that you haven't touched in quite some time. Every 6 months or so I like to go through and clear the space... to make way for new makeup and hair care of course ;)

Another thing to do a quick check on is your extensions - is it time for a new set? I refresh mine about every 6-8 months (this depends on how often they're used and how well  you take care of them) but I love to keep mine fresh and full. Spring is the perfect time to get a fresh pair so get you spring & summer ready!

Junk Drawers

Ok, I'm convinced everyone has at least one junk drawer if not more in their home, yes?! I don't really know if we could function without one just because they hold so many random bits and pieces - my solution? Organizers! This has been a game changer for us. I have smaller organizers in my large drawer so that everything has a space and rather than getting thrown into the mix and taking 10 minutes to find something, it's quick and clear and somewhat ;) organized!

Laundry Room

This may or may not be a place where you store extra tid bits but ours is definitely needing a quick refresh! I'll go through bags/wrapping paper,  important documents, etc. and place them in bins so that everything has a place. Then clear out all the random missing socks and make sure I'm stocked on laundry necessities.


While this isn't in the home, our cars are spaces we also spend lots of time in! I just cleared out mine today and yes, I am guilty of total "mom car." AKA lots of apple sauce packets, bottles and snacks hidden in every crevice possible of the car, ha! Felt good to give this space some love and have it be an enjoyable place to spend our time.

Catch-all space

Think of any spaces in your home that maybe sit irritating you in the back of your mind thinking "when i get time, i'll fix this." Ok, let's do it NOW! I challenge you to tackle one space that bugs you or makes you feel overwhelmed and give it 15 minutes. Whenever I do this I quickly realize I could tackle that job much quicker than I think, and even if it takes longer than the 15 minutes I often want to finish the job because it feels so good to get off my mind and cleared out!

Are you ready to take the challenge to get a clearer home and heart? Let's do this together! 30 minutes a day until each space in our home feels clean and organized - we've got this ladies! Spring cleaning here we come!