"If you’ve read my previous article about Tape hair extensions you’ll understand my eternal quest for long, thick hair. Living with fine hair that refuses to grow past shoulder length leaves me at my wits end. As much as I promote tape extensions, we all know that any sort of bonded extensions are not really healthy for your hair and weaken it.  It is so important to give your hair a break from time to time. However  during this ‘break’ period what’s a girl to do?  The answer is Cashmere Hair clip ins. Let me introduce Cashmere Hair! Two girls from Los Angeles who have created the perfect clip in extensions, and whether you normally wear extensions or not, trust me you’ll need these in your life. image Both of Cashmere Hair’s creators have many years of experience in the beauty industry  and working with celebrities and the rich & famous. Melissa is a Celebrity Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills, and Rachel is a international Model & Make-up Artist The most luxuriously natural, thick and blend-able multi-tonal clip-in hair extensions on the market today. These extensions have quickly grown to be the most sought after locks in Los Angeles and New York and soon the UK. Here are a selection of before and after photos imageimageimage To make sure you order the right colour clip ins to match your hair is the most important. The girls have created little swatches you can order by post to match to your hair.  Once your clip- ins arrive follow the easy instructions to put them in or ask your hairdresser to show you.  I’d also advise asking your hairdresser to trim them to your desired length. The girls have even designed the clip-ins own travel suit bag, which is so adorable to throw in your suitcase and remain undetected from the male species ;-) imageimage   To order your swatches and clip ins go to:- www.cashmerehairextensions.com"