December 18th, 2014

The TRUTH about Youtube Reviews

Hey girls, If you are reading this, then you are probably curious to know "WHICH reviews on youtube you should believe, and which ones are PAID reviews" YES. . . PAID! WHAT? Many other hair extension companies actually pay these video bloggers & beauty gurus to "review" their products. And, yes of course they are going to give positive and biased reviews about the hair extensions... Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PAID TO, getting free hair in trade for their review, plus they get a commission on any sales when you type in their "COUPON CODE" to get a discount when making your purchase. In the information that is typed in below the video, or if mentioned in the video that there is any sort of "discount code" set up, it's a guarantee that you are not listening to an authentic unbiased review. These girls are working with the company to make money on your gullibility. We know it's unfortunate that this sort of thing is happening with Youtuber's and video bloggers. You look to them for their honest opinions, but now, everyone is just out to get paid for reviews and will pretty much review anything that comes their way. Even some of the youtube videos that say "THE TRUTH ABOUT [Name] HAIR EXTENSIONS" are paid reviews, especially if they have any sort of "Coupon/discount code" in the video or listed below it.

Here are some examples of what you might see for a paid review-How to recognize a biased review: (We deleted the company names & links.)

"Hair Extensions mentioned : - 260 grams -- Chocolate Brown #4 -- 20 inches - Mochachino Brown -- 22 inches USE NIC5 for $5.00 OFF"
"Products mentioned ♡ 22 inch 220 Gram Dark Brown #2 COUPON CODES: STILLGLAM for $5 off! or StillGlam160 for $160 off 6 in 1 hot tools!"
"[NAME] hair extensions: ^use code "kelly5" for $$$ off"
"Discount Codes: ♥ MAKEUP BRUSHES: use code prettylilmzgrace for $5 off ♥EXTENSIONS: use code pretty grace for $5 off" 6 IN 1 CURLER USE CODE "prettygrace160"
  Cashmere Hair DOES NOT pay bloggers to do reviews. That's why you wont find very many videos out there about our clip-in hair extensions. While it is a great marketing tool for many companies, we find that it is FAKE and the last thing we want to do is LIE to or mislead our customers. Any reviews that you do find about Cashmere Hair are from paying customers, real customers that have not been paid or "traded" hair for a review. So, you can feel a bit more confident when you don't find a bunch of video reviews about us. We think it's really sad that this is going on, and feel bad for those that believe the false hype. If you want to read some real reviews about us, CLICK HERE.