October 30th, 2014

Trick Or Treat Hair: Halloween Hair Tips

By Cashmere Hair

Halloween doesn't always have to be about dressing up in scary attire or some crazy costume. You can use Halloween as an excuse to dress up and look super glamorous and gorgeous for the night! If you don't have a set of Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions in time for the holiday, you can still take advantage of our Halloween Sale! Cashmere Hair Clip in hair extensions halloween sale Hair doesn't tend to be the first thing that comes to mind for most people when perfecting a costume. But it really can help make or break your costume! When you think of a Mermaid, you don't think of a short bob, you imaging long, flowing wavy locks. So don't forget to pay special attention to your hair as part of your costume. Here are some great ways to use your Clip-In Hair Extensions as part of your Halloween Costume: wide-tooth-comb-cashmere-hairTEASE UP BIG Halloween Hair! The bigger the hair, the better the hair! Giving your hair extra volume and fullness is a great way to emphasize your "costume." Try clipping in your Cashmere Hair and teasing your hair at the roots and use a wide tooth comb to back comb and add even more volume to your hair extensions. Start midway and gently push the hair up, blending your hair and the extensions. Use a super hold hair spray to keep your big hair up all night! the end of the night, it may be hard to get your extensions detangled if you tease them, so remove them gently and do not brush them until you have shampoo'd & CONDITIONED them to detangle them. HALLOWEEN-CLIP-INS-CASHMERE HAIR EXTENSIONS Skip the wig and use your Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions! You can get some of the same effects using Clip In Hair Extensions as you would with many wigs. So avoid being uncomfortable or hot all night with an itchy wig on your head, and style your clip-ins to do the trick for you. Try gathering them into a ponytail, braid or top-knot to match with your costume. Curl, straighten or add waves. You can even add clip ins in different colors to play up your look. glitter-halloween-hair cashmere hair clip in extensions COLOR or GLITTER....Mess it up! You can use temporary color or spray on glitter to enhance the look of your costume, without ruining your real hair, by spraying or coloring your hair extensions before clipping them on. Save your real hair from taking some of the abuse.....clip-ins can always be replaced, your real hair can take years to grow out.