March 30th, 2015

Want A Longer Length Of CASHMERE HAIR?

By Cashmere Hair

Interested in a longer length of the most luxurious & high quality hair extensions on the market? Cashmere Hair offers CUSTOM LENGTHS! We know that every once in a while, even those with really long hair want some Clip-Ins to add the volume to their length, so we offer CUSTOM LENGTH ORDERING in 22" and 24"! How great is that? We are the only clip-in hair extension company that allows you to order custom longer lengths in any of our beautiful shades. Custom orders take 3-4 weeks for delivery, so even though you will have to be patient to get your new clip-in hair extensions, you won't be disappointed. Order now by emailing us at  VIEW CASHMERE HAIR® SHADES: CLICK HERE ORDER 20" CASHMERE HAIR®: CLICK HERE