September 24th, 2014

What's The Best Way to Store Clip-In Hair Extensions?

By Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair

This is our newest and most innovative way to store your Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions in the Cashmere Luxury Bag. This is the perfect accessory that makes traveling with and storing to protect your extensions with utmost care and with a classy glamorous way.

Not only does Cashmere Hair offer the highest and best quality hair, but we take pride in caring for our hair. This is why we designed the luxurious little black bag complete with a soft padded satin hanger.

Hanging your extensions from the delicately designed hanger prevents them from tangling and it preserves the look so you don't have to restyle them every day. If you are taking your extensions "on the go" the Luxury Bag keeps them safe, secure and discrete.

Make sure you GENTLY brush your extensions before wearing, styling, and after using them. Keeping them tangle free is an important part of your clip-in care.

Using the Hanger to store your Clip-Ins where they will either stay straight or hold their curl or shape for the following day, so you don't have to constantly restyle them every day. This not only makes it easier for you to get ready in the morning, but allows you to just Clip & go. Using our padded satin hanger is a great way to store your extensions and preventing them from getting tangled or damaged on a daily basis.

Luxury Bag Description:

-12 Inch x 23 Inch Luxury Bag

-Non Woven Black Fabric & Clear Plastic window with zipper.

-Removable white & silver padded satin hanger included.

-Cashmere Hair Logo in WHITE on both sides.


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