May 9th, 2018

When To Wash Your Hair Extensions

By Makenna Ashley

Many people wonder how often they should wash hair extensions, as it's typically not the same as your natural hair. Use this cheat sheet to help figure out the best washing schedule for your individual use.

when to wash hair extensions: Wash Schedule:
Oily hair/scalp: Wash & Condition every 3-5 wears. Dry hair/scalp: Wash & Condition 10-15 wears
Normal Hair/scalp: Wash & Condition 5-10 wears
After using hairspray or styling products: Wash & Condition
1-2 wears. If you swim with them (not recommended): Wash and
condition immediately.

For the best washing supplies, head to the Cashmere 'Hair Care' section and choose things from shampoo & conditioner, to a deep treatment, or a shine spray! Happy washing babes! XO