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  • Exceeded My High Expectations!!

    Posted By: Jackie

    I have been wearing extensions religiously for almost 10 years. Both clip-in and great lengths…. I can honestly say that Cashmere Hair is by far the best and my most favorite. I love that you can take them out at the end out the day unlike my bonded extensions. I also love the thickness of Cashmere Hair! I felt gorgeous, there was SO much I think I could leave a few of the extensions out and it would still look just as amazing. The hair quality is great.


    Posted By: Maria

    I got my extensions like 3 weeks ago and to be honest I’ve been wearing them every day i absolutely love them. Thick, amazing quality and not to mention they do not shed at all which is amazing. I have tried so many different companies online , from the most known ones and i have to say these do not compare any of them. I am more than pleased, i love my Cashmere hair :)

  • Incredible Hair

    Posted By: Barbara Oldrini

    I'm so happy with this purchase, those are the best hair extensions on the market...i wear them every day because i can't "live" without...they are so soft so silky so beautiful that very one is asking because they don't believe those are extensions... i highly recommend ...simply wonderful..... and i'm just waiting to receive the other set i bought in ombre 20 color!!!! most of all the girls are so kind and always so helpful ... and most of all also the delivery is very quick and i live in Italy...

    Great Quality

    Posted By: Unknown

    I got my hair matched at Fringe Salon in Bev Hills for free and then ordered online. Hair quality is fantastic, much better than any of the clip ins my friends have. I have not experienced any knotting and hair holds curls well. The extensions are full and lustrous from top to bottom. So full in fact I had to get them thinned out a bit because my hair is very very thin and when I tried them on at first you could tell where the extensions were laying on my head. It is a good idea ... to get them trimmed a bit to match your hair cut/style.

  • Luxury hair at its finest!

    Posted By: Fawn

    These clip in extensions are luxury hair at its finest. You can wear them everyday or just for special occasions. My hair is really fine and they stay in amazing. Also I am not even wearing the whole set. You get a ton of hair!

    Luxury hair

    Posted By: Jayde Barron

    This hair is just amazing, the color you see in the picture. The hair is so soft and silk and does not shed at all. The hair is really thick so I only end up using 2 or 3 tracks out of the 7 pack since my hair is really thin. Overall the best hair extensions.

  • Quality!

    Posted By: Rassom B

    Let's start here.. I emailed this company asking about 20 questions & every single Q was answered. The customer service team is beyond superior. That alone made me trust this company. It's all about how a company takes care of their customers. I made my purchase & received the wrong color, which was my fault because I had 2 colors mixed up when ordering. I emailed Cashmere Hair & they emailed me back within 2 hours and set up a replacement right away. My point is, I even had great customer service after purchase.

    Divine wedding hair!

    Posted By: Ashley Max

    I ordered these clip ins for my wedding in June. I was hesitant only because I didn't really know which shade I would forsure be and I didn't know what quality I would really receive. I emailed them pictures because I didn't have much time to order color swatches. Melissa Barone at Cashmere Hair helped me with this process and she knew her ins & outs of everything with hair. I choose the Beverly Hills Brunette. My wedding hair was the talk of the night.

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Get Tips, Offers, and learn more about Cashmere Hair