Welcome to Cashmere Hair

We want it to be easy for everyone to have the hair they’ve always dreamed of. We we know what it’s like to not be happy with the hair you have naturally, we’ve been there. We always want what we can’t have, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way when it comes to your hair. Yes, you can have it! 

We are so excited to provide you with the highest quality clip-in hair extensions to make your hair dreams come true.

Cashmere Hair is affordable, gives you longer, thicker, cashmere-soft hair in just minutes without causing any damage to your own hair. Win-win! We also provide excellent customer support, value,  and confidence. Hair flips optional.




After only 5 months in business, Rachel & Melissa excitedly filmed for an episode of ABC's popular investment TV Show SHARK TANK. Just a few months later, in December of 2013, their episode aired, where the women presented their brand new business to the Sharks & the world. Even though they didn’t get a “deal”, they went on to become a multi-million dollar business and one of today’s leading hair extension companies on the market.  


Rachel and Melissa had an instant connection from the first day they met, and have been like sisters ever since. With a serious passion for beauty, hair and helping other women feel gorgeous, they created their luxury clip-in hair extensions brand right in the heart of Beverly Hills. Rachel was a model in Los Angeles and Melissa was a successful celebrity hairstylist working in several Beverly Hills high-end salons. The friends couldn’t find any clip in hair extensions that were great. Only mediocre from local hair shops, or handmade ones. Rachel began to make her own hair extensions, sewing on clips, designing the track placement that looked the most natural, even mixing colors of hair to customize it just right. Everywhere she went she got so many compliments on her hair. Which was surprising because it was just “clip-in” extensions, not her real hair. The girls began working together to find a source for the best hair, they designed an amazing range of shades to match, and voilà! Cashmere Hair was born. 


With names like "Beverly Hills Brunette,” "Sunset Blonde,” "Starlet Brunette,” & "Rodeo Drive Blonde" they offer a wide variety of the richest colors in the best selection of superior quality hair. Fit even for the pickiest celebrities, they are available worldwide to every woman to easily clip-in at home. Cashmere Hair® clip in extensions have quickly grown to be the most sought after locks around the world.



 "It wasn’t until earlier this year in April of 2013 that Barone and Bernstein decided to go into business and officially launched the Cashmere Hair Extensions Online Store. Within this short amount of time these high-end extensions have quickly become an Internet sensation as word of mouth quickly spread all over the social network sites, not to mention in their home town of Beverly Hills, CA. There hasn’t been many Brand New Start-up Businesses that can say they opened up a website, and a few months later, ended up on the Greatest Show on Earth the “Shark Tank Show.” After a little researching on comparable Hair Extension Products, the range in prices are all over the map. You can buy anything from synthetic hair extensions to the quality Remy Human Hair extensions and several in between. The Cashmere Hair® Extensions seem to be on the higher end in this market, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and if you’re looking for the Best, this seems to be It! " -SHARK TANK SUCCESS