Need Help Picking the Right Color?

Step 1: Watch the Video Above Now

Step 2: Email Us 3+ Photos of Your Hair Now

Email us 3+ photos of your hair to get your Free Professional Color Match today!  

Top 5 Photo Taking Tips for Most Accurate Results

1. Have Someone Take Your Photos

2. Include One Photo Each (Front, Side & Back)

3. In Each Photo, Show the Full Length of Hair 

4. Use Natural Lighting 

5. Have Fun & Smile   

How Can I See the Colors in Person Before Purchasing?

  • We offer color swatches for your convenience, to assist you in color matching.
  • They are available for purchase before hand if needed.
  • Swatches are a small sample of the color, and do no clip on or attach to your head.
  • They are meant only for color matching purposes.
  • When ordering swatches, select the colors in the color family that are closest to your hair color

Tester Piece & Swatches make color matching easy!

What Part of My Hair Should the Extensions Match with? 

  • The mid lengths to the ends
  • Do not choose the color of your roots, as that tends to be a different shade

When I Receive My Order, How Will I Know if They Match My Hair? 

  • A full size Tester Piece is included with each set & is located in the below portion of the packaging
  • The tester piece is a 3" piece designed to be clipped in to your hair to see if the color you selected is the perfect match
  • This is the perfect way for you to test the shade and length desired
  • Once the security seal is broken you will not be eligible for an exchange or return

*Please do not use heat tools & styling products on this tester piece if your needing to exchange or make a return. 

*Once your color selection has been finalized, use the tester piece as a little extra bonus.

Are Swatches the same quality as the hair extensions? 

  • Swatches are for color matching purposes only and are not the same quality as the actual hair extensions.  

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