What to do when the extensions aren't blending with your hair?

We understand that it can be frustrating as a beginner, to figure out how to make the hair extensions blend with your hair, but we have some suggestions! First off, send us some photos of the issue you are describing so that we can help you.

Do you have a short or blunt haircut? This can certainly make it more difficult to blend your hair with hair extensions because there is an obvious difference between the 2 lengths. Many of our customers cut & layer the extensions to help them blend with their own natural hair. If you plan on wearing the clip-in hair extensions every day, you might also want to consider layering your own hair to blend, instead of keeping the blunt hairstyle.

Styling the extensions and your own hair in a slightly wavy texture will also help to blend your hair with the extensions. If you have straight hair, we recommend cutting the extensions to create layers to blend with your hair.

Another reason that the clip-in hair extensions may not be blending with your hair is that it's possible that the extensions purchased are too long. If so, cutting them, and adding in layers as mentioned above will help. 

I'm having trouble getting the ponytail to stay on?

Sorry to hear you are having trouble attaching your ponytail. Here are some suggestions: You need to make sure that you are using a strong hair tie that secures around your own ponytail VERY tightly.

Sometimes it's necessary to use 2 ties or one thick ponytail tie, we have also had some customers that like to use the coil hair ties. You can also try this technique, by sliding the comb underneath 1 band of the hair tie to secure it, instead of sliding the comb into your hair.

If your own ponytail is not secure enough, the ponytail will not hold well. Make sure that the comb piece is securely being pushed in between the hair tie & your head, you can also tease that area a bit before securing it with a hair tie to help give the comb more traction if needed. Additionally, the velcro pieces must be secured together tightly as well before wrapping the remaining hair that covers it.

You can watch these videos for more help:

I've been using heat protectant, but my extensions seem damaged?

We don’t recommend using any type of heat protectants or styling products on your extensions. Heat protectants can cause major buildup, especially if you are not washing in between styling them. Any type of hair styling product can cause buildup, and the friction can cause your clip in extensions to tangle.

If you have used heat protectants already, most likely the damage has already been done. Heat and heat protectant can cause severe damage to the extensions and it may be what has happened. We find that the majority of heat protectants are not effective in protecting the extensions at all and only cause buildup. You can use our Extension Shine Spray (THIS STUFF IS AMAZING - WE PROMISE!) in between every wear, after washing, before heat styling, and even to help detangle when brushing, which will help to protect and keep your extensions looking beautiful longer.

What to do if the damage is done

We recommend immediately washing your extensions with the shampoo and conditioner in our Haircare Set, (make sure to only use distilled water to wash and rinse the extensions to help remove any buildup - This helps a lot!) Once the extensions have been cleaned and air dried, spritz very lightly and evenly with our Extension Shine Spray to help smooth and add some shine back into your extensions. You can then use a flat iron on low heat to smooth the extensions. If this still does not help, contact us to let us know when happened, and we will be happy to offer you a discount code on a new set of extensions.

The shade I ordered looks different from a previous order?

On occasion, some dye batches come out with slight variations from batch to batch, although we do our very best to keep our shades consistent and perfectly matched! The included Tester Piece that comes with each set is to ensure that you get a perfect match making it easy for you to test out the color, length, and quality of your new set before opening the security seal.

Our extensions are a hygienic product and they are not eligible for return once opened as our policy states, even if the color is not satisfactory. If you have not removed the security seal, we are happy to assist you with a return or exchange. We can also try to help you find a shade that is better suited to your natural hair. You can contact us here.

Why do the hair extensions look striped?

There may appear to be a significant difference in colors at the top of the track where you can see a clear pattern between the two shades on some colors, but rest assured that once the hair extensions are clipped onto your head, and are being worn, that the striped color pattern will not be visible and the shades will blend together nicely giving you a beautiful highlight, and lowlight effect. These sections of color create a highlight and lowlight pattern, and while being worn they become softer and less noticeable. Give it a try!

Can I wear extensions through airport security, near magnets, or on a boat?

Can I swim, bathe or shower with my extensions?

We don’t recommend swimming, bathing, or showering with extensions clipped in.

Salt water and chlorine can alter the color of the hair, and damage the clips. Swimming while wearing extensions can also tangle the hair causing damage to your own hair and/or the extensions. If you are going to swim, do not get your hair wet at all.

Can I go through airport security wearing my hair extensions?

In our experience, you can usually walk through security with the hair extensions without a problem. They do not set off the metal detectors. TSA may decide to do additional screening measures if necessary.

(If TSA asks, you can inform them that you are wearing clip-ins, and they may just touch the back of your head to confirm.)

Are the clips magnetic? Can they be worn around strong magnets?

We do not recommend wearing them near or around strong magnets. If you work around magnetic fields, please do not wear clip-in hair extensions. The clips can have a weak magnetism.

Can I go on a boat or in a very high-wind situation with my extensions?

On a normal windy day is totally fine to wear your extensions. But, we do not recommend wearing your hair extensions in very high-wind conditions. Some examples of high wind situations are on a boat, riding on a motorcycle, riding in a convertible car, skydiving, etc. These situations may cause severe tangling and can damage hair extensions.

The extensions I received have a broken clip?

There are 2 extra clips included with each set of hair extensions & instructions are here. You may also contact us & we can repair it for you.

Broken clips must be reported within the first 15 days of receiving your order for repair. Any clips that break or that are not reported to us within the first 15 days of receiving your order will not be eligible for repair and you will need to replace the clip following our instructions here. If you need additional clips, contact us at help@cashmerehairextensions.com.