October 9th, 2019

Edgy Side Braid Tutorial

By Makenna Ashley

My whole life I have always been someone who dresses according to how I feel that day. When I was younger this made for quite the wardrobe malfunction. One day rocking crazy thick black eyeliner, skater shoes and studded belts, and the next a pastel pink polo shirt and Adidas! It was quite the scene if I do say so myself. Reminiscing on those *incredibly* awkward middle school days always makes me laugh. I'm nearly positive everyone goes through the "what was I thinking?!" phase, who's with me?

Well, fast forward a decade and I still find myself doing the same thing, maybe just not quite as extreme. My more edgy and spontaneous moods will reflect a leather or  jean jacket and an edgier hair style, while a more mellow day may be a neutral soft sweater, so on and so forth.

Having two girls of my own, I chuckle when I unknowingly dress all three of us in the same color. I've heard it's just a reflection of how you're feeling that day, and I love that. So, here is a hairstyle I love to wear on my edgy days, and now I use that word quite loosely. Something about the hair down mixed with a tighter braid just makes me feel so fun!

For this style, I have in my three larger wefts of 20" Cashmere Extensions, in the shade Pale Ash Blonde. If you're going for a more ashy blonde, this shade is my all time fave!

If you are a warmer toned blonde, I've also worn Sunset Blonde and that is a gorgeous shade as well. With the highlights and low lights in each shade they both are very blend-able with my natural hair which is perfect. After I place the three large wefts, I place the two smaller wefts differently than normal. I stack these nearly on top of each other and on the same side as where the braid will be. For me, this is vital in achieving this look, because I tend to have more breakage and layers in towards the front of my face. The extensions will ensure I can braid all the way down to the ends of the rest of my hair rather than stopping short.

For this braid since I wanted it to really pop, I chose a dutch braid. The dutch braid gives a more 3-D affect and is gorgeous when you're wanting your braid to be eye catching. It's also my go-to braid when I am wanting to pull apart the braid for added texture because it pulls apart so well and doesn't lose it's shape!

Watch the tutorial below to see how I do the braid as well as texturize it at the end!

Thanks so much for watching and do tell me - are you a consistent dresser with seamless style or are you like me and often dress according to your mood? I admire both ways and love to see how people express themselves differently!