February 24th, 2023

Effortlessly Blend Your VOP With Your Natural Hair By Trimming and Adding Layers

By Tatiana Montano

The Secret to Effortlessly Blending Your Clip-in Extensions

If you're looking for a way to add volume and length to your hair, you may have already considered getting a Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece. This popular hair extension is designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair for a natural and full look. However, even with the best-quality extensions, it can still be challenging to make them look entirely natural. This is where trimming and layering come into play. In this blog post, we'll discuss how you can trim and add layers to your Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece to blend effortlessly with your natural hair and have everyone begging for your gorgeous hair secret!

brunette dollhead with cashmere hair volumizer one piece clipped in

Step 1: Choose the Right One Piece for Your Hair

Before you start trimming or adding layers to your hair extension, make sure you have the right color and length. You can select from a wide range of shades and lengths when you buy your Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece, so take your time to find the best match for your hair. It's also important to select the right weight for your extension, so it blends in naturally with your hair.

brunette dollhead with cashmere hair brush

Step 2: Detangle Your Hair Extension

Before you start trimming or layering your hair extension, make sure it's untangled. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush through the Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece gently. This will make it easier to trim and layer.

trimming 2 inches worht of hair on VOP extension with hair cutting sheers

Step 3: Create a Guide

Once you have untangled your human hair extension, decide on the length you want to cut it. If you're not sure, start by clipping in the extension and trimming a small section first to see how it looks. Make sure you're cutting your luxury hair extension while it's on your head to ensure you're getting the right length and layers for your hair.

trimming layers into VOP by creating a U shape

Step 4: Trim Your Hair Extension

Start by trimming the ends of your hair extension with a sharp pair of scissors. Don't cut too much hair at once; it's better to trim a little bit at a time. Keep in mind that you want your Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. So, be sure to trim your extension in a U-Shape, or your natural pointed ends so it looks most natural. You'll want to wiggle she sheers in a downward motion starting where your natural hair begins and working your way down to the ends.

adding layers to VOP with layering sheers

Step 5: Add Layers to Your Hair Extension

The next step is to add layers to your natural-looking hair extension. This is where you can get creative and make your extension look more natural. Start by creating a section of hair that's around two inches wide, and using your layering sheers begin to cut where you want the shortest layer of hair to begin. Then, take a section of hair at the top, and using your scissors, cut small vertical sections into the hair, so it appears more layered.

adding curl to extensions and natural hair to blend seamlessly

Step 6: Blend the Layers

Finally, blend the layers you've created into the rest of your Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece. Use your fingers or a comb to gently blend the layers into the rest of your hair extension. Be sure not to overdo it and take small sections at a time. Doing it gently is the key to creating a natural-looking blend. Throw in some curls and watch the difference between your natural hair and your luxury clip-in extensions disappear!

In conclusion, trimming and layering your Cashmere Hair Volumizer One Piece is an easy way to create a natural-looking blend with your natural hair. Be sure to take your time and start slowly to avoid over-cutting your extension. By following the steps outlined in this post, you'll be on your way to a fuller, more natural-looking hairstyle.