June 29th, 2020

Halo Extensions, No Strings Attached (Plus a Boho Hair Tutorial)

By Cashmere Hair

We all know and love the ease of halo extensions - just pull the string over your head and you're ready to style! However, I've always been slightly concerned that the string is showing, or that the halo will slip out of my hair mid-event (imagine: dancing your feet off at a wedding, and suddenly half your hair is on the floor). I also have an extremely sensitive scalp - even headbands will give me headaches after two or three hours, let alone a silicone string digging in. Since working with Cashmere, I've become obsessed with our "no strings attached" approach to halo extensions. The One-Piece Volumizer is our answer to any problem you could find with classic halo extensions, and I'm excited to share more about them with you! boho braid tutorial  

Halo Extensions 101

  Some of you may not have heard of halo extensions, so let's do a quick recap. Basically, they're are a quick, one-step solution for those of us who want more hair with less hassle. Halo extensions come in a single weft, with all the hair you need attached to one piece of fabric. A thin silicone wire is attached to each end of the weft, which is what gives it the Halo name. To wear them, you simply section your hair and slip the wire over your head. This works wonderfully for some people, but for others (including me), it can cause a night of anxiety worrying if your hair will fall out. I'm just a clip girl at heart - maybe that's why I'm such a fan of our Volumizer!  

One Piece Volumizer vs. Halo Extensions

halo extensions alternative   Cashmere Hair's answer to halo extensions is our One-Piece Volumizer. It’s extremely similar to the Halo design with all the hair on one track, but there are a few key differences. Like I mentioned earlier, wearing halo extensions can be anxiety-inducing. Simple actions like bending over to tie your shoe, or flipping your hair mid-dance-move, run the risk of sending your halo flying. For this reason, we got rid of the string altogether, and instead designed our one-piece with a unique clip placement that ensures your hair stays put. We even added two extra clips at the bottom of the track, in case you have a particularly energetic dance style and need that extra security. So, if you love the ease of halo extensions but hate their probability for disaster, I highly recommend trying out the One-Piece Volumizer. I cannot stress enough how relieved I was the first time I tried Cashmere's much more secure, clipped-in option! I'll link it for you here: shop the one-piece   p.s. If you're feeling extra and want even more volume, you could always add a few side tracks from our Classic Clip-In Extensions (linked here), or our new Seamless Clip-In Extensions (shop them here). Need styling inspo for the one-piece? Keep reading for an easy but extra-gorgeous boho braid tutorial from our stylist Haley.  

Tutorial: Fast + Easy Boho Half-Braid

  In this video, Haley shares how to create a quick boho half-braid using our One Piece Volumizer (you can also use halo extensions). This tutorial can also be used with any halo extensions you have, and you could definitely still add a few side wefts from our Classic Extensions to complete the look.


1. Clip In Your Extensions.

  Section your hair horizontally at the ears. Grab your One Piece Volumizer and make sure the clips are opened, then clip into your hair. Start with the center top row clips to make sure it's even, then move along the top row clips. After that, clip the center bottom row clips and repeat. If you're using halo extensions, section your hair, then slip the wire over your head to secure. Make sure it's tight enough so it doesn't fall out!  

2. Add Boho Texture.

  Heat up your straightener until it's nice and hot. Then, grab a piece of hair and over direct it towards, then away from you while sliding down the hair shaft. It might take a few trys to get right - be sure to watch the video for a nice visual! Repeat this on the rest of your hair.  

3. Make Your Braid.

  Gather hair into a low side ponytail. Tie it off with a cute scrunchie, then pull out a few pieces around your face to frame it. Split your ponytail in two, and start to fishtail braid, continuing until you're halfway down the pony. Tie it off with another scrunchie, and pull pieces out from the fishtail to create volume and texture.   boho braid tutorial   That's it! How easy and cute is this style? If you want to try even more hair tutorials for our One Piece Volumizer (or your halo extensions), we recommend this one or this one. And if you want to recreate Haley's style, she's wearing our One Piece Volumizer in Sunset Blonde - shop her exact look below:   Shop Cashmere Extensions   And if you want to see more videos by Haley, you can check her out over on Instagram here!