February 15th, 2022

How To Thicken Fine Hair With Seamless Extensions

By Makenna Ashley

Debating which set of hair extensions you should get? With an option to suit everyone, Cashmere Hair has you covered. Cashmere Hair's luxury clip in hair extensions. The Cashmere Hair Extension collection has everything you could possibly want for your hair needs. Cashmere Hair carries the best hair extensions such as a luxurious Volumizer One Piece, Classic Clip In Hair Extensions, Wrap Ponytail Extension, and our stunning Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions. Today we are specifically going over some highlights (no pun intended) of our Seamless Hair Extensions to help you decide if these show stoppers are the ones for you!

The Best Extensions For Fine Hair

The CH Seamless Clip In Extensions are 50% thinner at the top and sit flush against the scalp. Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions are the ideal solution if your hair is very fine, thin, and has a difficult time concealing traditional clip-in extensions. Our sought after Seamless Collection are not only the perfect hair extensions for thinning hair; but can also be the ideal solution for those looking for hair extensions for short hair.

This lay-flat design is invisible, discreet, and won't damage your hair. Our Seamless Hair Extensions have comfortable-wear clips that keep your natural hair damage-free. The best part? There is no bulk! Just natural-looking volume and length. Cashmere Hair created these hair extensions using the very best quality. Cashmere Hair offers the best hair extensions, using Premium 100% Remy Human European hair for silky soft locks that look just like your own hair, but better!

The Cashmere Hair team designed their seamless clip in hair extensions in the same seven-piece weft design as the iconic classic clip-in extensions. These gorgeous hair extensions come in all of our multi-tonal shades for instant volume and length at a moment’s notice.

How Can I Thicken My Hair With Hair Extensions?

So, want to see how exactly these extensions thicken hair? There are so many styles that can be created with these hair extensions. Adding length and volume to fine hair has never been so easy. All you need to do is clip in some luxury Cashmere Hair & you are on your way to gorgeous, show stopping hairstyles! Any style you choose, there are different ways you can accessorize and dress up your look with hair extensions to customize the exact look you are going for!


First, your classic curls! As you can see in the video, adding in a full set of seamless hair extensions makes a world of difference. For this look here, clip in the three large wefts on top of each other spacing about 1/2 inch apart. Then, take your hair extensions, clip in the side pieces to each side, and wa-la! Gorgeous, long locks in seconds.

For a thick luxurious ponytail, you can clip in the full set of extensions or just the three larger wefts. If you're wearing a high pony, clip the extensions on all above the ears. This will ensure that the clips won't be showing and the hair isn't being pulled upwards. For a low to mid pony, clip them in regularly as you usually would.

Say hello to the glorious messy bun that is every girls best friend! But why have just a regular messy bun when you can throw in a few tracks of seamless extensions to achieve that bigger and better messy bun?! Similar to the high pony, if you are styling a voluminous bun near the top of your head, you can clip in a track or two near the same height as your temples. If it's lower, you can clip them in as you normally would.

Wanting a thick, effortless side braid? The secret to a flawless braid is of course, a little help from high quality clip in hair extensions! Clip those extensions in as normal and place the side pieces all on the side you're doing the braid on! Pull out pieces to frame the face and you've got an eye catching hairstyle that takes seconds to pull off.

Brides, this one is for you! On your wedding day you want gorgeous, no-fuss hair. You want to be free to dance and eat and celebrate without worrying about hair extensions peaking through or weighing you down. Enter, seamless hair extensions! Since these wefts lay so flat to your head, they are the perfect go to for such a special event as this! And of course so perfect for those with hair on the finer side since these gorgeous extensions are undetectable.

If you're getting your hair done professionally, show your stylist your extensions and an inspo pic of the hairstyle you desire! Then let them work their magic. Add in any floral pieces, a veil, delicate babies breath, whatever your heart desires. Just don't forget those clip in extensions. Gorgeous bridal hair, coming right up!