April 8th, 2020

Messy Bun Any Girl Can Do + Easter At Home Ideas

By Makenna Ashley

Well friends, looks like we are spending Easter at home this year - so let's try to squeeze lemonade out of lemons and make the most of it! In this post we've compiled some fun ideas for your family as well as sharing a cute messy bun tutorial that any girl can achieve.

First, let's talk this hairstyle. With all the time being spent at home recently I think we can all agree we need a simple and quick hairstyle that we can all do! Here's to the classic - messy bun. Have you ever seen a gal who just always seems to have the perfect 'messy bun,' but when you go to try it it ends up being a flop? This was me way too often.

Well, here is a tried and true tutorial that you'll be able to get your wanted results with every single time! I'd like to call it, the fool proof messy bun that ANY girl can do!

First, get one weft of Cashmere Hair extensions in place. This will add just a touch of thickness but also the length we need to do the next step. I love the versatility of clip in extensions, because I can choose how many wefts and where I want them placed.

For this style, place the weft in the middle of your hair. Too low and it will peek through.

Now, let's do the standard bun. A quick loop, nothing fancy. Then grab the excess hair (this is where the extension will come in handy!) Twist it to add some texture and then cross it over the bun itself. You'll tuck in the excess ends into the back of the bun into the hair elastic.

Lastly, pull out some pieces to frame your face and also give your hair some gentle tugs to loosen it up for the "effortless" look. Then grab your two bobby pins, and pin one into each side of the bun. You'll be meting the bun with the base of your hair to secure the sides of the bun down.

Wa-la! The finished, fool proof messy bun.

Next, let's chat some fun Easter activities you and your families can engage in! First we have to talk about, the beloved Easter egg. There are so many ways to decorate eggs and each year I keep seeing more and more creative ideas on how to decorate!

Some favorites I've seen are:

  • Using white crayons to draw designs like words, polka dots or zig zag lines on the eggs before dying in the water/ink mixtures. When you dip the eggs in dye the dye won't penetrate through the wax of the crayon, so wherever you drew will remain white with the colors surrounding your design!
  • On a cookie sheet or paper plate, spray shaving cream. Then drop in food coloring dots all around. Swirl with a tooth pick and then gently roll the eggs in the shaving cream mixture. Let eggs soak in this for a minute, then you can rinse the eggs under water & the ink will stay on while the shaving cream washes off! Giving a tie-die look to your eggs.
  • Using acrylic paint to paint beautiful designs on the eggs. I've seen flowers, words and more using this technique.

Brunch! This is a wonderful way to enjoy some quality time with your family/friends/whoever your quarantined with this year.

I'm thinking a fun charcuterie board to lay out some favorites like banana bread, fruits, nuts and even biscuits & jam. Add some peppered bacon strips, oh my mouth is watering already!

Have kids? Do a kids charcuterie board complete with chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes, fruits & treats for them. This is a fun way to make them feel special and seen too - having a board specially created just for them!

Lastly, baking! This is great for adults and kids alike. Working with your  hands in detail like this can be therapeutic. Just like coloring in a coloring book, it requires all of your attention to be set on this one thing, making everything else fall away to the wayside for just a moment. I think we could all use some of that right now!

There are many tutorials on Youtube to accomplish this type of cookie, you'll need royal icing and flood icing. The royal icing will create your outlines and small details, while the flood icing fills in the spaces. It's a fun way to get creative and see what you can come up with!

Of course you can't forget the beloved Easter egg hunts with kiddos, this is something I looked forward to each year. If you have a yard you can do this in great, or you can also do it inside! I think what kids look forward to most is just the time spent with parents or guardians & finding the eggs according to their skill/age level! It was always such a fun time and I loved finding the extra hidden eggs filled with maybe a dollar or extra special candy ;)

Well, although Easter will look different this year for many, we hope these tips and ideas will help give you creative ideas for this special Holiday! xo