May 13th, 2020

Quarantine Roots: 3 Styles to Hide Them

By Makenna Ashley

Alright ladies, we're almost through this quarantine. Depending on where you're located, your state may be opening up, or you might still be on full lockdown. Wherever you are, hair salons have been closed for quite a while now, and girls: we see your quarantine roots + feel your pain. If you're like me, you might have already been overdue for getting your hair done when lockdown started (oops!). After missing that appointment, I was in desperate need of a short-term fix... these roots were getting more out of hand by the day! What's a girl to do about her roots?

Step 1: Don't stress.

Like I said, we're all feeling the pain of overgrown roots. We're in this together in more ways than one - no one's judging you, so stop judging it yourself! Try to let go of any feelings surrounding those roots. Our hairstylists want to be back in the salon as much as you do, and they'll get you back in the chair as soon as they're open. Until then, try to relax into the new normal. If it helps, you can check out our recent post about how to manage anxiety during these uncertain times.

Step 2: Accessorize.

How to Cover Quarantine Roots Let me introduce you to my secret weapon: The Hat. It covers your lockdown roots, and allows you to ease up on shampooing. Hello Day 3 quarantine hair, you've never looked better!

Step 3: Try These Hairstyles.

I've put together a few styles that will work with any type of hat. I chose a fun baseball cap, but a flat brimmed hat or another of your choice will work just as beautifully! Keep reading, or take a peek at our video tutorial below. Each style is quick, simple, and easy to achieve: perfect for swinging between sweatpants-chic and getting done-up just because you miss it.
Pro Tip: If you don't have a hat, a headband will also help break up and hide your quarantine roots!

Hairstyle 1: The Messy Bun.

DIY Messy Bun A good messy bun is a personal favorite of mine, and this is one of the easiest ways to wear it: low with a baseball cap. Pull your hair back in a low and loose bun. You don't want the hair to be too slicked back - relaxed is what we're going for here! Take out some pieces to frame your face and loosen the hair up a bit. This style is cute, fast  & hides my quarantine roots. Total win in my book!

Hairstyle 2: The Side Braid.

Romantic Braid to Cover Roots This is one of the most beautiful styles you can do in under 2 minutes. So effortless and romantic! Section your hair and do a quick a medium-to-loose braid. Pull each section to loosen it and add volume, making sure to let a few pieces out in front for added texture.

Hairstyle 3: Double Braids.

Cute Pigtail Braids I love this style for when I need my hair out of my face but still want to feel put together! Plus, it has a sporty-meets-cute vibe that's perfect for working out, going for a hike, or cleaning up around the house. This is also a great style if you need your hair out of that way, but want to avoid the dreaded ponytail crease! Simply part your hair down the center for two even sections, then braid each one starting a bit below your ears. I didn't pull these out like I did for the side braid, but feel free to mix them up and make them your own! P.S. If you want to do a full set of french braids with your extensions in, check out our post here!

Secret Step: Hair Extensions.

While these styles are effortless, my beloved Cashmere hair extensions bring the look to a whole new level. All that added volume and length just gives me an extra wow factor - even with quarantine roots! I'll link my set below; I'm wearing Pale Ash Blonde in the 20" length. Shop Hair Extensions People often ask if it takes me longer to get ready with extensions, and my answer is always no - actually the opposite! Because they stay curled, I just pop them in (it takes 30 seconds), and then if I need to, I'll touch up my natural hair. (Learn how to curl your extensions here). How to Cover Quarantine Roots I hope these hairstyles help tide you over while we wait for the salons to open. If you're needing some extra connection, feel free to join me over on Instagram ! Talk soon, Cashmere girls.