September 16th, 2020

Styling Hair Extensions with Champagne: Cuvée Beauty Review

By Cashmere Hair

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Today, I'm so excited to share our experience at Cashmere Hair with the newest haircare trend on the market: champagne. For all my bubbly lovers out there, don't despair - we didn't actually pour a bottle over our hair extensions. Instead, we tried a few styling products from brand Cuvée Beauty's incredible champagne-infused line... and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. Keep reading to get the scoop!

Champagne for Hair: But...Why?

The concept of putting champagne in your hair products may sound strange at first. The founders of Cuvée Beauty discovered that after a particularly celebratory night with friends (think: more champagne on you than in the glass) their hair was noticeably shinier and softer the next day.

This lead to research into grapeseed extract, which is a primary ingredient in both luxury skincare, and (you guessed it) champagne. If it was so incredibly good for your skin... why not hair as well? The girls took this concept and ran with it.

Each product in the Cuvée Beauty line is infused with their signature Cuvée Complex - a potent cocktail of skincare-grade ingredients like white truffle, hair ceramides, pea proteins, and, yes, champagne. Oh, and everything is vegan and cruelty-free - truly a win in my book!

The Cuvée Beauty line promises to give you the softest hair of your dreams, and as a Cashmere girl, I know a thing or two about soft, silky hair. I was super excited to test their products out during a styling session here at Cashmere Headquarters.

Cuvée Beauty Air Dry Mist

Found on their site here, this is the first thing I wanted to try from Cuvée Beauty's styling line. No blow dryer and hot tools needed? My parched summer hair was screaming yes please. I tested this one separately from our styling sesh at the office - a simple spritz and go after a morning shower is all that's needed.

The Air Dry Mist does exactly what it claims. My hair is weirdly two-textured, and likes to air dry half curly, half straight, with no regard for how crazy it looks. Two or three spritzes of the Cuvée Beauty Air Dry Mist combed through my hair made a shocking difference - a transformation on par with clipping my extensions in. It air-dried sleek, soft, and with an insane amount of body and volume. Consider me obsessed with this product.

Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm

Cuvée's Styling Balm is a light, non-sticky crème that provides volume and a non-stiff hold that lasts all day. it also helps tame frizz, adds shine, and protects your strands from heat. A little of this balm goes a long way - I used a pea-sized amount for my shoulder-length hair. After applying to my damp strands, I did a rough blow-dry and was rewarded with a soft, clean-feeling hold.

Since I planned on curling my hair along with my hair extensions (tutorial below), this was a great product to start with. My hair doesn't naturally hold onto a curl, which can create issues when paired with my super-easily-curled set of Cashmere Hair Extensions. The Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm made me feel like my hair was finally ready to hold some texture!

Cuvée Beauty Volumizing Mist

I tried the Cuvée Beauty Volumizing Mist after drying my hair with the Styling Balm. It's purported to be similar to your traditional hairspray, creating instant volume and additional body to hair. I found that it left my hair looking fuller and softer (goodbye, crunchy hairspray). I was also excited to see that it adds some additional heat protection. And of course, it smelled amazing. 

I applied it closer to the roots of my hair than I did the styling balm (it's a bit lighter, so I felt my roots could handle it). Keep reading to get the full scoop in our Cashmere x Cuvée Styling Tutorial!

Tutorial: The Signature Cashmere Curl

Today, I'm going to teach you how to achieve our signature Cashmere Curl using Cuvée Beauty styling products. Let's get to it!

1. Rough Blow-Dry

This first step is critical if you're on day two (or three!) hair. Dampen hair with a spray bottle, combing through for even moisture. Then take a small, pea-sized amount of Cuvée Beauty Styling Balm and work it through damp strands. Give your hair a quick but thorough blow-dry, paying attention to get some volume at the roots.

Make sure your hair is completely dry before continuing - using curling irons on damp hair can steam the water out and completely fry your strands!

2. Create Texture & Hold

Lightly spritz your roots with Cuvée Beauty's Volumizing Mist - you can even flip your hair over while doing this for added height. Gently comb through to the ends for even coverage.

Next, give a spritz or two to your hanging extensions (get your Cashmere Hanger here, it's life-changing for storage and pre-stying). Thoroughly and gently brush the mist through your set, making sure it's distributed evenly.

3. Clip, Curl, Repeat

Section your hair around ear level and use a clip to keep unstyled hair out of the way. Then, clip in your first extension weft. I go shortest to longest, starting with my 6" weft, but others go longest to shortest - it's all about what works for your hair!

Curl each side of your hair away from the front of your face, starting in the middle of the strands and then twisting and curling down towards the bottom. Check out the video for a better look at how this is done.

I end with another (light!) spray of Cuvée Beauty Volumizing Mist to set things in place. Keep going with the rest of your extensions, sectioning, clipping in, curling, and spritzing.

Once you're finished, gently brush your hair to soften the curls, and voila! You have our Classic Cashmere Curl. Cheers, babe!

Thanks to Cuvée Beauty for partnering with us on this post - we weren't paid to write this article, we just really love their products and wanted to collaborate. You can find their full line of champagne-infused styling products here:

And if you want to recreate my look, I'm wearing our Seamless Clip-In Extensions in Hollywood Bronzed Brunette, custom-dyed. I'll link them for you here:

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