Can I tone or use purple shampoo on Cashmere Hair?

We do not recommend using toner, purple shampoo, or color-depositing products on Cashmere Hair. We will not accept any returns or exchanges under any circumstances on hair extensions that have been treated with dye, toner, or color-depositing shampoos/conditioners/products. Please make sure that you are satisfied with your extensions and that there are no defects before altering the hair.

Cashmere Hair is not virgin hair and we cannot guarantee the outcome of any color-depositing shampoo/products, purple shampoo, toners, or dyes. If you choose to test out any of these products on your Cashmere Hair we suggest testing it on a small section or on the tester piece (if included).

To prevent the extensions from soaking up too much color, always dilute the shampoo before applying it to the hair. If you would like to try using purple shampoo, use less than a pea-sized amount by adding the shampoo to warm the water in a sink and dissolve the shampoo into the water. Dip in extensions for only 1-2 seconds and rinse quickly and see how that looks. You can repeat this method again until you achieve desired results. Never put the purple shampoo directly on the extensions. This can turn them purple! 

Can I dye Cashmere Hair Extensions?

We have customers who color the hair extensions with much success, since we can not guarantee the outcome for you, it will always be at your own risk. We don't recommend coloring them because we custom color them and therefore you just never know how the color processes will take, and you also risk doing damage to the quality. We have a very wide selection of colors that are specially designed to match almost every natural shade.

As with other brands that aren't virgin hair either, you could have the same issues with their hair extensions, even though they will tell you it is ok to do. Some brands just don't care if you mess them up, but Cashmere Hair cares, so we prefer if our customers get the right shade from the beginning. Our goal is to supply you with the best quality hair extensions possible, and we have a very special dying process that keeps the hair in the healthiest condition. Further dying could damage the hair. DO NOT bleach or dye Cashmere Hair a lighter shade.

Cashmere Hair is NOT responsible for any dying process that the customer does to the hair. Should you choose to dye Cashmere Hair it is at your own risk, and you cannot make a return or exchange once the hair has been dyed.

Can I cut Cashmere Hair Extensions?

Yes, but we encourage you to get your Cashmere Hair Extensions cut by a professional that knows how to cut hair extensions for the most natural look. Since it is a different technique than cutting regular hair, it needs to be done right to avoid a choppy look. Cashmere Hair is not responsible for any damages once the hair extensions have been cut. Do Not Razor cut Cashmere Hair.