June 18th, 2024

How To Style Extensions with Thin Hair

By Tatiana Montano

Tatiana M.
June 14th, 2024

Why Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions are the Best for Thin Hair and How to Style Them

woman with strawberry blonde hair wearing short cashmere hair seamless extensions
Most people with a thin or fine hair type may find it tricky to find the right hair extension that gives volume and appears to be thicker but not on the bulky side or appear fake. Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions are the perfect solution that guarantees a blend, natural appearance without such problems, and installation. These kinds of extensions are a perfect solution for thin hair types here is why and how to style it properly.

Why should I opt for the Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions?

Ultra-Thin Wefts

Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions are virtually invisible because the wefts are incredibly thin and lie flat against the hairline. This design makes it possible for the extensions to be adjusted to match the natural hair, and any client, even with thin hair, will not have a problem with the appearance of the extensions.

Lightweight and Comfortable
Unlike other extensions that could be so bulky to wear, giving your natural hair a strained feeling, Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions are lightweight. This makes them suitable for fine hair, as this kind of hair can easily get damaged by heavier human extensions.
woman with strawberry blond hair clipping in cashmere hair extensions
High-Quality Remy Hair
All these extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair meaning they will not look fake and they will feel like your natural hair. Remy hair retains the outer layer known as cuticle which makes the hair shiny, smooth and less likely to tangle. This quality is particularly good for people with thin hair since it blends well and holds styles well.

Comfort and Versatility
Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions can be styled according to the how you want to wear it or the function you want it to perform. No matter if you want to wear straight or wavy hair, long or curly hair, or a classy hairstyle – these extensions are versatile enough to meet those needs.
step by step guide on clipping in cashmere hair seamless extensions

How to Style Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions for Ladies with Thin Hair

1. Preparation

Brush Thoroughly
Detangle your hair by using the Cashmere Hair Extension Brush or a detangling brush and ensuring that there are no knots remaining. This step also helps in easy application of the extensions and allows it to blend in well.

2. Applying the Extensions

Section Your Hair
Begin with a horizontal section to the right of and one inch or slightly above the nape using a tail comb. Tie up the remaining hair neatly so that it will not interfere with the hairstyling process.

Braid the Bottom Section

If your hair is signicantly shorter than the extensions or you have a more blunt haircut, a neat trick is to braid that bottom section of hair and secure it up and out of the way. Thiss give the bottom track something to anchor in to and also eliminates that bottom section of hair that tends to peak out underneath an make it obvious that you are wearing extensions.

Apply the 3 Long Tracks

Start off with the 6" wide track, this is going to hug around the shape of the head. You're going to start from the middle and work your way out clipping these in place. This will allow for a more secured application so that when you do style them and wear them throughout the day, you'll have more security and longevity to the hairstyle.

Repeat this step going into the next 7" track. You're going to go one to two inches above that horizontal part, make another horizontal part. This track is an inch longer and this is just going to hug the shape of the head. The last longer weft is out top weft which is 8" wide. It is going to be applied in the same technique again, an inch to two inches above that horizontal section. Our top weft is our longest one. This is again going to follow the shape of the head here. After these have been clipped in and styled, you can drop the remaining hair we sectioned on top in the back quadrants and style the remaining hair together with the extensions.

Apply the 4 Side Tracks

A great tip to ensure your front tracks will not peek through, is to take a tail comb and if you can see through it, leave a bit more hair in the front to conceal the weft. Go at a slight diagonal angle and place these shorter three-inch wide tracks in.

After that has been placed and styled with your natural hair, you are going to do the same step with your second side piece just above the first one. You can even go a half-inch to an inch higher. Again, style at a side diagonal angle. You don't want to get too close to your natural parting because you don't want these tracks to be exposed. You are then going to drop the remaining hair on that side and you're going to style the hair with the extensions. You'll then repeat these same steps on the other side.

woman with blonde hair styling her hair with cashmere hair extensions in
3. Styling Tips
Create Volume
The most common concern in people with such hair type is volume. Spray a volumizing spray on your roots and then use your fingers to create some texture on your crown area. In addition to this, it will give your hair some extra lift, thus making it easier for the extensions to blend with your natural hair.

Choose the Right Tools
Before applying any heat to your hair and extensions, it is advisable to use a heat protectant spray. The MUST-HAVE product to use on your extensions is the Cashmere Hair Extension Shine Spray. Creates an instant shine on dry or dull hair without weighing it down, helps to detangle hair extensions. It also smooths frizzy, fried ends, and dries without a trace to add shine and life back to your extensions. Mist lightly over hair before styling to protect and revive the shine of your clip in hair extensions. When buying a curling iron or a flat iron, ensure that the iron has a temperature control as well. Sensitive hair types cannot withstand high heat, especially thin hair and extensions, therefore, one should set the heat to low.

Opt for Soft Waves
Soft waves are a great style that work perfectly for attaching extensions to thin hair. They provide volume and texture and allow the extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. To achieve this look, take pieces of hair and wrap them around a curling iron and hold it for some few seconds before dropping it. When your entire head has been curled, you should run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to produce soft, natural looking curls.
4. Maintenance and Care
Regular Brushing
Avoid getting your hair and extension tangled by brushing them often. This will help in detangling the extensions without pulling on them use a brush that has soft bristles when brushing the extensions, such as the Cashmere Hair Extension Brush

Wash with Care
You only need to wash your extensions when it is extremely necessary. Wash with sulfate free and trainer friendly shampoos and conditioners such as the Cashmere Hair Extensions Hair Care Set to preserve the quality of your luxury clip-ins. Avoid applying heat or drying your extensions with a towel; instead allow the hair pieces to dry naturally.

Store Properly
It is advisable to keep your extensions in a dry area, especially when they are not in use. It is recommended to store them on a hanger, or to put them into a storage bag which will prevent them from tangling and maintain their quality. The Cashmere Hair Luxury Storage Bag is made with durable black satin fabric & high-quality clear window in the front with a zipper for easy access. Removable glossy black wood hanger included. With the full-width gripping & folding design it will safely hold your hair extensions. This hanger securely grips the hair extensions between two bars — simply fold down the hook to open and lift to close on the hair below clips.
Cashmere Hair Seamless Extensions are one of the best hair extensions for thin hair type because they are light weight, natural, and comfortable to wear. With proper preparation of your hair and proper installation of hair extensions and going for appropriate heat styling methods, consider having fuller hair without compromising on thin hair.

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