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The secret to flawless extensions is this brush in a new smaller travel size! Use it to seamlessly blend your hair with Cashmere Hair Clip In Extensions by brushing them together. The MINI CASHMERE BRUSH is the perfect brush to use to brush Cashmere Hair Extensions and your own natural hair without pulling your clip-ins out. Great for styling, teasing, and blending. 

Dimensions: 8" x 1.5"

This brush prevents damage and breakage from brushing to prolong the life of your Cashmere Hair Extensions. It is also a great tool to use to blend your own hair with Cashmere Hair. Recommended for all hair types, fine, medium, and thick hair. This is the ideal brush for short to long length hair. Can be used on hair with or without extensions.

What it is:
An ultra-gentle hairbrush that's perfect for all hair types.

What it does:
The Mini Cashmere Hair Brush is for the woman who wants to achieve gorgeous smooth hair without damage. Discover maximum shine and control with this perfect brush that detangles all hair lengths while avoiding breakage, preserving the hair's natural moisture, and keeping static at bay.

What else do you need to know
This essential hairbrush harnesses the power of gentle boar bristles to deliver spectacular results. Boar bristles help care effectively for even the most fragile hair, minimizing breakage and maximizing health, which makes this the perfect brush to gently detangle your Cashmere Hair Clip In Hair Extensions. You can also use this brush to tease and blend the extensions in with your own hair for the fullest most natural results.