July 11th, 2019

3 Ways To Wear A Hair Scarf

By Makenna Ashley

Beauty and hair trends are always coming and going. I'll admit that sometimes I jump all in and with others I patiently wait until they are over. However, this hair scarf trend that's been happening recently? I'm all in!

I feel as though the hair scarf takes transforms an ordinary hairstyle into a fun and flirty one. It's almost as if it waves it's magic wand over your hair and within seconds you go from the Cinderella who is cleaning floors to all sparkly and ready for the ball!

If you've been wondering if you can pull off this trend or you've been a bit timid to try it, I say go for it! It's absolutely darling and can be worn with so many different outfits or occasions. From casual to dressed up, this is a hair accessory you'll want to have on hand.

What you'll need:

  • Hair Brush, for adding volume
  • Hair Tie
  • Your choice of hair scarf
  • Cashmere extensions for added length and volume

Side braid

The braid and hair scarf are a match made in heaven. The two together bring such a  pretty, feminine vibe and would be darling paired with a sweet summer dress. On this particular day I wore it with a fun lemon graphic tee, jean cut-off shorts and sneakers. I thought it was perfect!

Something that really helps keep my braid in place throughout the day is starting the braid in the back. Then tightly doing a few overlays before bringing it to the front. It just seems to help with keeping a tighter braid and also since I have so many layers it helps to keep everything in place. You could keep this braid in the back which would be beautiful as well, it's a win-win situation!

Half-Up Top Knot

This is one of my most worn hair styles. It's ease and the fact that it keeps most of my hair out of my face while giving me the look of having my hair down. I really like to back comb or 'tease' the crown portion of my hair before pulling it up into the messy bun so it has some volume and isn't laying flat on my head.

When you tie the hair scarf around the messy bun it tends to make the bun appear smaller, so I'll just make the bun a bit larger than I typically would and that way when it's wrapped you can still see it. Also, wrapping the scarf around the top of the bun and tying off at the bottom keeps the ends laying nice and flat and not poking out if I had tied them at the top.

The Classic Ponytail

Well, we may have a princess theme going on because this one is giving me all the Belle vibes from Beauty and the Beast! Do you see it? The scene where she's got a book in hand, singing up and down the streets of her town... she has the best most beautiful hairstyles in that movie so it makes my heart skip a beat a bit to be reminded of her in this hairstyle!

A little tip for getting that "bounce" back into your ponytail, grab the hair from the bottom and ever so slightly pull upwards while tying the hair tie. It really gives the hair the proper form to have that "bounce" we all know and love in ponytails!

This is definitely a hairstyle I'm glad to have my extensions in for, because there's just something so gorgeous about a nice, full ponytail. That combined with the hair scarf is simply gorgeous and is a wonderful style when you need your hair out of your face but are still wanting to look cute and put together.

In the video above you can see exactly how I achieve each of these three hairstyles. I'd say each style is done in 5 minutes or less. Nothing better than a hairstyle that comes together in minutes yet makes you feel like a million bucks!

My 4 year old daughter just asked me to get her a matching one, so it looks like we may be heading out this week to find her one too! You can wear this style at all different ages.

So tell me, have you jumped in yet on the hair scarf trend? If so, what is your favorite way to wear them? Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts down below in the comments!