November 18th, 2020

4 Clip In Ponytail Extensions Hairstyles To Try Now

By Cashmere Hair

While a full set of clip in hair extensions are definitely life-changing, there's one style that's exceedingly tricky to master with them: the ponytail. Mastering a high pony without your wefts showing can be difficult - especially for those of us with thin hair! 

That's why we decided to add clip in ponytail extensions to our product lineup. They make updos, ponytails, and other styles a snap! Today, we're sharing all about our clip in ponytails, from how to attach, to how to style, to what shade you should get (hint: it might not be your usual one!).

What Are Clip In Ponytail Extensions?

Let's go over a few basics, shall we? Clip in ponytail extensions are made from a single weft (as opposed to the seven included in our Classic and Seamless Clip In Extensions). The hair is sewn in layers onto the fabric, and an extra piece is added at the top to wrap around and cover your hair ties.

The Cashmere Hair ponytail extensions come in two lengths, 16" and 20", and are available in every beautiful shade we offer. The hair used is our standard top-quality Remy Hair, super silky, ultra-soft, and perfectly shaded to match your hair.

clip in ponytail extensions

A Note on Color-Matching

Speaking of matching shades: did you know that you can be a different color in our ponytails than our other types of clip in extensions? This is because for normal extensions, we match to your hair color from the ears down. But with clip in ponytail extensions, we match to the top few inches of hair from your roots! 

This is the hair that shows when you pull hair back into a ponytail, so we like to be extra-sure your ponytail shade will look right when your root and top colors are more exposed.

How To Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Now, let's get into how to insert your ponytail extensions. Before we get started, here's what you'll need:

1. Make a Ponytail

Gather your hair into a ponytail using the hair tie. Make sure your pony is securely fastened, because this functions as the base to hold in your extension piece.

2. Attach Extensions with Comb

Next, unwrap your clip in ponytail extensions. Bend the weft slightly so the attached comb sticks out, and then push the comb into the base of your ponytail.

3. Wrap and Secure

Curl the weft around the base of your ponytail so it's snug. Then, take the attached wrap piece and wrap it tightly around, making sure the velcro snags. Continue wrapping the rest of the piece around the base until you've reached the end of the hair.

Finally, secure the end with a bobby pin, and voila! Your perfect ponytail is complete.

clip in ponytail extensions

Hairstyles for Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Now that you've mastered attaching your ponytail extensions, it's time to try out some new hairstyles! Clip in ponytail extensions offer a whole new world of hairstyles that are difficult to achieve with classic clip in extensions. Because they're constructed specifically to hide the weft when up in a ponytail, you can create gorgeous ponytail styles without worrying about giving away your hair secrets! Check out the styles below for some hair inspiration.

1. Barbie Girl Ponytail