December 3rd, 2020

5 Reasons You NEED Hair Extensions

By Makenna Ashley

If you've been on the fence about investing in a set of clip in hair extensions, this list may give you the peace of mind you need that you are making the right decision! I have personally worn clip in extensions for the past 10 years, and worn Cashmere's exclusively now for the past 6 of those years! I had tried many different brands, and once I found these treasures I simply have never gone back! Let's chat about some reasons why myself and countless others choose clip in extensions .  I bet at the end of this you'll be confident in your decision to rock some gorgeous new locks, just in time for the holidays!  

1. They Are Easy to Use and Maintain.

With the clip-in system, you do not have to go into salons continuously. No more getting extensions moved up, re-done, etc. Which in turn, means less time and money for you spent on extensions/salon days. I love that I can clip them in when I want and take them out as needed. No sleeping discomfort or shower troubles when you simply just take them out. On lazy days at home, you can keep clip in extensions stored, and then when you want to take your hair to that next level in just a few seconds, clip em' in! They will last 6+ months when taken care of properly, so while they are an investment, it's one that is so worth it because you can get so much use out of each set!

2. Anyone Can Wear Clip In Hair Extensions!

why you need cashmere hair extensions Not only are clip in extensions a viable option for any age, but they can also be a beautiful bridge to cover the gap when there is thinning hair, health issues causing hair disruption, etc. Thinning hair can often take a toll on self-confidence, and extensions offer a simple and beautiful solution.
Take a look at what our customers are saying:

I'm a cancer patient who's hair has grown in some but nowhere near as long as it used to be. Used the extensions to give myself a present for Christmas and add them to the short hair. They are fabulous and I'm happy to say I have my old look back. Thank you, its great to see myself again when i look in the mirror. - Colleen D.

"This is the first time I ordered hair extensions in my life and I have to say, I am impressed. Due to health reasons I lost a lot of hair and it got to thin, I can not wear it open anymore. This is a big bummer and it started to get to me. I also had to cut a lot off just to it won't look as bad. Since I have the extensions, which I cut to the length I wanted and put some layers in there, it looks awesome. Everyone thinks, it is my hair. Well , the people who have not seen me in a long time. My neighbors though, knew but thought is was great. : ) I also want to thank the crew for the extra clips. I really need them because I have to add a couple more clips to the extensions because the hair is so thin, it does not hold as good as it should. But it will now. Thank you. I really appreciate it. My life is better now and I am not scared to lose them while I walk or if the wind blows thru my hair" -Anonymous

3. They're Healthy for Your Hair!

Unlike many other techniques of using extensions, clip in extensions will not damage your hair. Cashmere uses a silicone gripped clip that ensures clips stay put throughout the day, without sliding or slipping. You won't need to tease or backcomb your hair for the clips to stay in, simply clip and go! Often gluing, taping, and other methods can leave hair thinned or with significant breakage over time. Rest assured, Cashmere's extensions won't take away from your natural hair, only add to it!

4. There's an Option for Everyone.

Not only does Cashmere have a wide variety of colors to match every hair loving gal, but they also have a variety of clip in extension types to suit each person's needs. Below, you can find a list of what Cashmere offers. Let's figure out which one will be best for your hair desires!
Types of Extensions:
Classic Clip In Extensions: Cashmere's original set - you can find these in all different lengths and colors! These will be your classic rows of sewn extensions, with clips to secure in wherever you please. Seamless Clip-In Extensions: The Seamless line is similar to the classic, but lays more flat to the head due to the 'seamless' design. The wefts are incredibly thin because of the different technique to bind the hair together. Using the same clips as the classic, these are perfect for those with normal to thin hair. Volumizer One Piece: The on-the-go extension! The new design consists of several wefts sewn into one lace piece, with 6 clips to create balance and a comfortable grip. It is best for medium to long hair lengths. Longer hair is required to blend and avoid the hair extension "seam" where there is an obvious difference between your hair and the extensions. Your hair should be longer than your shoulders with regular or thin ends with layers. Blunt haircuts will not blend naturally with this hair extension option. Ponytail Extensions: Whether you have short hair or long hair, this ponytail will work for you. It will either completely cover your natural hair giving you a new glamorous looking ponytail or blend perfectly with your longer hair adding the most amazing fullness. It is designed with a comb that can be placed underneath a hair tie, or behind your ponytail holder. Then a section of hair is designed to wrap around the base of your own ponytail concealing the ponytail holder and the attachment.

5. No One Can Tell You're Wearing Them!

This is hands down, the biggest compliment when wearing clip in extensions ! From personal experience, I find people are often shocked when I tell them I'm wearing extensions. Since these are 100% Remy Indian Hair, they are smooth and shiny yet blend seamlessly with my natural hair. The texture matches exactly and therefore no one can tell you are wearing them! Cashmere's clip in extensions are thick all the way down to the ends. You won't have hair that tapers off into nothing like other brands of lesser quality do. It will look natural and thick from top to bottom. We've all seen extensions gone wrong. You can have peace of mind knowing these will level up your hair and add to the beauty already in you!