January 29th, 2020

5 Valentine's Day Hairstyles

By Makenna Ashley

We are just a few weeks away from Valentine's Day and I'm thrilled! I love making this day extra special, and that looks all different ways depending on who it is I'm trying to make smile! No matter if you're spending your day with a special someone, some girlfriends, with family or a cozy night in - make your Valentine's day great by focusing on giving love to others. I promise it'll bring a smile to your face too as you give love out into the world!

Here are 5 Valentines Day hairstyles that are easy enough to achieve for a beginner, but also so beautiful and pretty for anyone to wear! These hairstyles are definitely all romantic and pretty - what we all want to feel on Valentine's Day!

If you're stumped on what to get your loved ones this Valentine's Day, we created a gift guide, so if you haven't checked that out yet here it is! It's filled with so many amazing gift ideas so if you're stumped on that special someone or just needing a few ideas for inspiration, go check it out!

First things first, in these photos I'm wearing 22" Cashmere extensions in the shade Pale Ash Blonde! You can see the hair is nice and full, plenty of volume for the hairstyles we having coming up!

To get started with any of these hairstyles you'll want to start off with some soft, bouncy curls! If you are needing a bit of help getting your curl just right, click here for a voluminous curls hair tutorial!

Next, grab your brush and brush out your extensions to get any tangles out! This will help once we start styling to ensure smooth hair that tangle-free! The Cashmere extension brush is a great option and you can be sure it won't damage your extensions.

So for our first hairstyle, all I did was create a side part, and clip a chunky pearl clip into the smaller side right above my ear. This pearl clip paired with soft curls is just oh so romantic!

Next a lovely twisted half-up style using a soft mauve pink hair scarf! Simply take the front pieces of your hair, twist backwards and add in some texture to the twists by gently pulling at the hair. Tie together in the back and add in a hair scarf and you've got yourself a pretty style for your special day!

Simliar to the one above, but this time we are doing an effortless braid down the back of your hair. I picture this style paired with a flowy dress or top for that sweet, tender hearted feel! Personally I think the hair scarf makes this style so you can find this one pictured, here!

Ohhhhhh how I love this dramatic side braid! This style definitely made possibly with my extensions, all the extra volume gives such a GORGEOUS braid and I am here for it!

To get this style right, you'll want to make sure to incorporate all of your hair by the time you reach the bottom of your hairline at your neck. Any further down and it won't look right if you're still adding in hair - so be sure to do that and you'll be good to go with this romantic, side braid!

A low, twisted bun, perfect for a more elegant or upscale date night! I added in a pearl clip to finish the look, any elegant clip you may have will do!

To achieve this look you'll gather all of your hair into a ponytail, and while twisting the hair you will start to form a bun. Keep twisting the hair itself while your wrapping it into a bun. Take some pieces to frame your face and then while holding the bun in place, lightly pull pieces around the crown of you hair to give yourself some added volume!

Hopefully you got some inspiration or even picked out your hairstyle for V-Day and now you've got one thing checked off your list! Whatever your plans for this Valentine's Day, I hope you have a wonderful day and feel oh so loved!

Since my daughters are 5 and 1.5 this year - I think I may decorate the house with some little hearts or have my older daughter create a fun garland with me! Now that she's a bit older I love making holidays feel extra special. Even though it's nothing huge, I've found it's so fun to take any excuse to make some memories with them.  I'm thinking heart shaped pancakes in the morning, with some cute little gifts to wake up to! I found an adorable little pink & purple fuzzy sloth blanket I think my oldest will love and we'll probably get her some cute little cookies too.

Tell us below - are you someone who loves to celebrate Valentine's Day?! What fun things do you like to do or are planning to do this year? Let us know down below! xoxo