March 13th, 2023

All NEW Individual Seamless Fill-ins Tracks from Cashmere Hair

By Tatiana Montano

ceo of cashmere hair modeiling the new fill-in extensions

Cashmere Hair is so excited to announce the launch of our NEW  Individual Seamless Fill-ins Tracks! Our new Individual Seamless Fill-Ins Tracks are perfect the solution for filling out thinning hair, matching your money-piece, highlights, or just for a small boost of volume to thicken the hair around your face only. 

This set features 4 high-quality individual clip in tracks to apply wherever you need the a little extra hair. Individual Fill-Ins are meant for those looking to fill in the sparse/thinning areas around the front and sides of your hairline. They can also be used to add highlights, or lowlights, or to replace missing/damaged tracks.


new individual seamless fill-ins set from cashmere hair

The  Seamless Individual Fill-in hair extensions are made from 100% Remy European human hair, which means that they have been carefully collected and processed to maintain their natural shine, strength, and softness making these this most luxurious hair type. 

The hair on the wefts of the Individual Seamless Fill-in hair extensions are bound with silicone to ensure the hair lays extremely flat for the most undetectable fit, and they are easy to clip in and remove. One of the key benefits of the Fill-in extensions is their seamless design. The extensions have a 50% thinner silicone band that is designed to easily conceal, making it virtually undetectable in your hair. 

Seamless Individual Fill-In hair extensions come in a range of our carefully curated shades to match a variety of hair colors to suit your specific needs. If you have multi-colored hair, with several different shades throughout, a set of the Individual Fill-In hair extensions are perfect for Create a custom colored clip in look using 2 or more colors to add in while wearing a set of Classic clip-in extensions or Seamless clip in hair extensions.

Because this set of 4 individual clip in hair extension tracks are made from the  best quality human hair, they can be heat styled just like your natural hair, as well as washed, blow-dried and straightened, and will be long lasting and worth the investment.

Individual track Fill In clip in hair extensions are best suited for anyone looking for just a little something extra. Your natural hair will need to be the same length or shorter to wear.



  1. Locate sparse areas of your hair where you would like to achieve more volume and thickness.
  2. To fill-in the front: Part your hair in a horizontal section above your ear and clip in one tack just below the part.
  3. Part your hair in a horizontal section above the previous section and clip in one tack just below the part.
  4. When clipping in your tracks, be sure to avoid clipping in the tracks too close to your face.
  5. Repeat the same process on the other side for even volume. You should have 2 tracks on each side of your head.
  6. Gently brush to blend your hair with the Cashmere Hair Fill-ins for a seamlessly blended look.
  7. The Fill-ins are made using 100% Remy European human hair so you can heat style them to blend
  8. Enjoy your gorgeous voluminous new look!


before and after of model using fill-in extensions from cashmere hair

Fill-In extensions are not meant to replace a full set of extensions and will not give the same results as a full-head set of extensions.

These extensions are designed to fill in sparse areas due to postpartum hair loss, thinning hair with age, or to add highlights or lowlights. The unique feature of the  Fill-in extensions is that they allow you to target specific areas of your hair to add more thickness without needing to purchase a full set of extensions.

The Fill-in extensions are a great solution for anyone experiencing postpartum hair loss, thinning hair with age, or want to add more thickness or color to their hair without committing to a full set of extensions. They are also a great option for anyone who wants to experiment with a new look without having to make a permanent change.

Overall, the launch of  Cashmere Hair's Fill-in extensions is an exciting new addition to their line of  high-quality hair extension products. With their seamless design and use of the highest quality European Remy Human Hair, these extensions are a great option for anyone looking to fill in sparse areas or add color and thickness to their hair.