January 3rd, 2014

Cashmere Hair Reviews!

By Cashmere Hair


Very satisfied customer 

Posted by Kimberly on 13th Jan 2014 This product is fantastic. Quality is fabulous and there is an abundant amount of hair. I had Hairdreams bonded extensions. The extensions cost $1,000.00 for the hair and an additional $1,000.00 to have them put in. They ruined my hair. Cashmere clip in extensions are better in quaility and way more amount of hair for such an incredible price snd they don't cause any damage. I could not be happier!

Lovely product! 

Posted by Kay on 5th Jan 2014 Great customer service, great product! Fast shipping! Melissa and Rachel were wonderful answering my questions before my purchase. Extensions arrived and I LOVE them! High quality, and very easy to use!

You get what you pay for- WORTH every penny! 

Posted by Melissa on 6th Jan 2014 I've worn almost every brand of clip in extension out there. Hands down, these are the best quality, thickest, perfect colour match for my hair extensions I have found. Yes, they are more than I'm used to paying, but I am a forever customer. They feel soft and manageable right from the box, and after 2 weeks of wear, no fallout and they are still super soft. The colour has highlights throughout, and matches my ombre hair perfectly. SO glad I stumbled across cashmere hair! My search for the perfect hair is over

Totally worth it!! 

Posted by Shannon  on 30th Dec 2013 I was very skeptic before purchasing just because they're so expensive. I had Bellami Hair before this and were a little less expensive, but didn't have any with highlights so, I would have to then go get them done by my stylist. I was not impressed with Bellami as they would get tangled super easy and the first time washing, about 1/3 the hair came out in my brush. Also, getting the 20" I'd say they are now easily less than 18". So, I decided to splurge on these because they had already highlighted, thick hair! I LOVE THEM! I've had them a little over a month and just washed the first time and maybe 2 strands of hair (out of all the wefts) came out! I am super super happy with them and their quality! Recommend!

Full, Thick, and Fabulous 

Posted by Kyri on 12th Dec 2013 I've been wearing extensions for about 8 years now and have had fusions, beads, and multiple brands of clip-ins and have spent thousands on them all. These Cashmere clips in are by far the thickest and highest quality of hair I've ever had. Will definitely purchase more in the future!

Perfect Match 

Posted by Leslie on 28th Dec 2013 I've never colored my hair and to be honest did not know that you could have inserts like these you could do yourself. Didn't understand the clip at first until I watched a video. I purchased Beverly Hills Brunette and you can't tell the difference between the extension and my natural color of hair. I have very thin fine hair and its a really nice product.   "I have to be honest, when I came across these extensions on IG... I was shocked & disappointed when I saw that they were $399.  I quickly closed out of the website... but I found myself checking Cashmere hair's IG everyday to look at the beautiful photos of the hair.  Finally, after reading the FAQ's and reading all about the differences between Cashmere Hair & the mainstream brands... I knew I wanted to order.  I have tried almost every popular brand out there of clip ins... I ALWAYS end up dissatisfied... the hair usually lasts me about 3 months, yet it's supposed to be "the best of the market" .. so for me to spend double what I usually spend was a big deal.  When I received the Cashmere hair.. I instantly knew I made a great investment.  This hair is SO different.  It is luxurious, it is soft, thick from root to tip, the colors blend perfectly, the clips are so amazing... I don't even have to tease my hair from them to hold.  These extensions are NOT silicone coated to make them appear shiny, like the other brands.. this actually IS TRULY HEALTHY, LUXURIOUS hair that does not need a fake coating.  Now, I will not buy any other brand.. this is real luxury hair that will last me a long time! Thank you Cashmere hair for making a quality product! -Katie  "Without these extensions, my hair is almost a pixie from bleach damage. This year I will be trying to grow it out. I will only wear Cashmere Hair extensions throughout the process because the clips are light enough that they won't cause hair traction alcopea (whereas other brands have clips that are too heavy and have caused me bald spots) but these are just perfect. I will, however, be ordering some more soon because I recently decided to cut some of them and now miss their length! Anyways, thank you again." -Jennifer  "There are honestly not enough good things I can say about Cashmere Hair! Being a model of many years, I have tried several different hair extension brands for photoshoots and events. Many brands fall short with hair either being too thin and making my overall appearance look cheap, the clips being too big and uncomfortable and after a couple brushes, my extensions would lose half of the hair! What a hassle after spending hundreds of dollars. After several attempts with different brands, I can honestly say Cashmere Hair is the best line of clip in hair extensions I have ever worn. The hair is thick and lush and feels like my own! I'm so pleased with these and will absolutely be recommending Cashmere Hair to both personal and industry friends. Not to mention, Rachel and Melissa genuinely care about each and every single of their customers. Their customer service is truly top notch. Thank you so much for such an amazing product, girls! Fan and customer for life"  -Claudia  "Love my hair!!! Seriously the best quality ever!!!" -Morgan  "I love my Cashmere hair! My own mama couldn't tell and I look younger and hotter (duh). Thank you Cashmere Homegirls!!!"  -Victoria "It was so fun wearing the extensions yesterday. I swear I got more attention in them, I felt so girly, lol. Seriously though it's insane how much more attention I get because of having long hair. It feels like I'm a big liar!" -Roopa "I received my Cashmere Hair Extensions today and the color matched PERFECTLY!!!! I've worn real hair extensions for years and these are just as great! Thank you for all your help while I was trying to decide which brand to go with, I'm glad I stuck with my original choice and ordered from you ladies! Thanks and best of luck in the extension biz, I'll be sure order from ya'll again!" -Amelia  "I got the hair today!!! It's the perfect length, color, and great quality. I am thrilled that I found you guys, and will definitely spread the word! I am also in the hair business, and specialize in clip-in extensions, but mostly dealing with ethnic hair. Thanks again!" -Anastagia "I am freaking out - This is the best quality hair I've ever seen. It is beautiful. I'm in shock right now! The hair is so perfect! I feel like I should have paid several thousands of dollars for it! I will send a before and after if you would like. I have really damaged hair from bleaching though. Let me know. Again, so amazed with the quality of this hair... Also the packaging is so perfect!" -Jennifer "Quality is all I can say! We as a customer always hope we are going to receive the quality that each brand promises but I can finally say i have found that with Cashmere Hair. These are the best hair extensions I have ever felt and worn. I am thrilled with how these extensions look, feel, & style! Can't wait to show all my girlfriends!" -Crystal "Just received my Cashmere Hair Extensions.  These are the softest & thickest extensions I have had my hands on and worth EVERY penny!!! Its so hard finding hair in Australia & so pleased you guys ship internationally!" -Jenny "@cashmere_hair got my hair today and I'm SO impressed at how thick it is!!! You don't even need to wear that many of them so worth the $$"  -Jennifer  “I received my brush yesterday and wanted to say thank you so much it's so beautiful and the best brush I have ever used!!! I thought the Mason Pierson brushes were good but they have nothing on your amazing 1!!“ -Ashleigh  "The Cashmere hair extensions are my first time purchasing hair extensions. After much research, I found your instagram page and website to be very informative when making my decision with which company met my needs." "The quality of the hair is thick from beginning to ends, the tutorial is very helpful and the amount of hair is abundant! I love your packaging, care tips and quick responses to my questions.  Thank you so much for giving my hair body, thickness and glamour! I've always had fine hair and these extensions make a tremendous impact on my look :)"  -Carey Lynn  "I received today! Thank you so much! They are the exact color of my hair!!!! I love them! Thanks again!"  -Laurel "I'm in LOVE!!!!!! Aaaaaah I'll never go back to Sally's. lol. Loving my hair."  -Dani  "These clip in extensions are luxury hair at its finest. You can wear them everyday or just for special occasions. My hair is really fine and they stay in amazing. Also I am not even wearing the whole set. You get a ton of hair!" -Fawn