October 30th, 2014

Comparing Clip-In Hair Extension Brands

By Cashmere Hair

IMG_4223.JPG What makes a good clip in hair extension? Well, it may be a matter of opinion to some, but there are some things that just can't be compromised when it comes to clip in hair extensions. No. 1 The size of the clips. You want the clips to be small, but the comb part of the clip to be efficient. A lot of hair extension brands use larger than necessary clips. This makes it not only more bulky, but harder to conceal and more uncomfortable to wear. Bigger clips can be a lot heavier, putting more stress on your fragile locks, and harder to try and clip to a small amount of hair. Look for clips that are small, painted, and silicone coated for the safest and most natural wear. [caption id="attachment_965" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Clip Comparison Clip Comparison[/caption] No. 2 How much hair is sewn to a track. There are all different types of clip in hair extensions. Some have only one weft sewn to clips, some have 2, some have 3 or more. Some tracks are covered with lace to conceal the amount of wefts. But whatever the amount, you can always count on Cashmere Hair for the fullest tracks. Having a lot of hair sewn into each track not only gives you the most natural look, but it also keeps you from needing to wear a ton of tracks/clips, which can get uncomfortable. See example:   20140206-174346.jpg No. 3 Hair Quality. Quality is a big factor in the life and durability of your clip in extensions. Always look for high quality Remy Hair. But not all Remy Hair is actual Remy Hair. Some can be mixed with lesser quality hair to make it cheaper, or can just claim to be Remy. High quality hair will be more expensive, that will be a big indicator. Cheap clip in hair extensions are not likely good quality Remy hair.  look for Double Drawn hair, which means that it is thick from root to tip, with minimal layers. There are different percentages of Double Drawn Hair. Cashmere Hair always uses Superior Grade Double Drawn Human Remy Hair.3d-pics-blondes-1 No. 4 Hair Color Selection You might not even consider hair colors when you first start researching clip in hair extension brands, but it can play a big factor in how well your hair extensions blend with your own hair. Hair extensions should always be multi-tonal, otherwise they will definitely look fake. Multi-tonal means that they have many different shades of hair strands within a color. You also want to choose a brand that has many variations of each shade. Different blonde and brunette shades, with highlights and lowlights, and solid multi-tonal shades. You can even find shades like Cashmere Hair's 3 Ombre shades that help you to match perfectly while still keeping up with hair color trends. If you don't have the perfect hair color match, your clip in hair extensions will be noticeable. Check out all of Cashmere Hair's 19 Shades (that's 5-6 more than the competition!) cashmere hair extension clip in colors shades No. 5 Track Systems Each clip in hair extension company has a slightly different track system. Some sets include 1 track, some include 9 tracks, some have even more. The more tracks included, usually means more clips, more clipping in, and less hair on each track. Cashmere Hair has designed the most comfortable and efficient track system with 7 tracks total for the most comfortable wear. Which means you are getting not only maximum fullness with minimal clips, but you are also getting a PONYTAIL enhancing system! It hasn't been included in packs until now, Cashmere Hair's specially designed side tracks can be worn to create the perfect ponytail, braid or up-do! Cashmere Hair Extensions cashmere hair extensions clip in ponytail Don't believe us? Read our REAL reviews at