April 19th, 2024

Do Celebrities Wear Extensions?

By Tatiana Montano

The Secret to Achieving Hollywood Hair at Home

When it comes to Hollywood's red carpets, one thing is for certain: attractive and unique hairstyles are the main thing everyone looks for. Besides, the majority of celebrities who stand before the camera, rely on hair extensions to make their enviable perfect locks possible which are loved by both fans and paparazzi. One brand whose products all of Hollywood's hottest celebs most often pick up is Cashmere Hair!

collage of different celebrities wearing cashmere hair clip-in extensions


Over the years, more and more celebrities have been wearing Cashmere Hair for the red carpet, campaigns, and more. It is worth noting that the product has an excellent clientele including celebrities from Hollywood. Numerous celebrities are photographed while attending events wearing luxurious Cashmere Hair extensions, either on the red carpet or simply off it. Here are just a few notable names who have sung the praises of Cashmere Hair:

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Kelly Clarkson
  3. Megan Moroney
  4. Hannah Simone
  5. Isla Fisher and many more..

Just to name a few!

This list of celebrities gives a good idea of just how many other A-listers have fallen in love with Cashmere Hair extensions. This is just a shortlist of notable celebrities who have fallen deeply in love with Cashmere Hair extensions and they haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet. From the well-known actresses to the country pop stars we know and love, Cashmere Hair has gained the status of a trusted unique, and luxury hair-styling accessory for the cine-lovers who have their eyes set on the red carpet. 

To achieve perfect smooth hair that's worthy of Hollywood's attention, the Cashmere Hair reigns king undoubtedly. By offering superior quality, and easy application along with a number of grooming products with their brand name, Cashmere Hair Extensions have carved for themselves a well-deserved position, being highly negotiable with a celebrity appeal in this industry.

woman wearing sunset bonde cashmere hair clip-in extensions an holding up a set of clip-in extensions


Cashmere Hair isn't like every other hair extensions company; it's a favorite among celebrities for excellence in quality and versatility. Cashmere Hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and are designed to provide not only a luxury feel but also an amazingly natural look. These high-quality clip-in hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair hair, even the most inexperienced of users can benefit from them. The secret of success from Cashmere Hair lies in the innovative clip-in system, which is simple to apply and remove, and best of all they won't cause any damage to your natural hair in any way!

All of these qualities reinforce their position as an essential asset in the beauty kits of Hollywood's biggest stars. It's now your chance to be the star of the show by getting your hands on a set of Cashmere Hair Clip-ins. Need help finding your perfect color match? Deciding between colors can be a challenge, so we love to give you our professional opinions. We are really great at color matching! Ask our hair experts. Just email us a few photos here or Text us your photos for even faster color matching at 213.222.3878.

Photos must be taken in natural light from several angles (front, side, back) with no filter.