September 11th, 2019

Do I Need Extensions If I Already Have Long Hair?

By Allysa

Hey guys! My name is Allysa & I am a fashion blogger in San Diego, CA. I love having long hair and people always tell me that I don't need extensions but... I disagree! So yes, I might have long hair, but I am always looking for MORE volume. This is where Cashmere Hair Extensions come in. Not only can extensions give you length, but they can give you volume! So let's dive in...

Here is a photo of my BEFORE:

So yes.. you can see I have length. But now... let's add VOLUME! I love Cashmere Hair extensions because they use real human hair and they are super easy to apply. Before I ever tried extensions, I thought they were going to be super complicated, but Cashmere Hair Extensions makes it super easy to follow instructions. These are my favorite clip in extensions by far!

In order to make the process as easy as possible, I make sure to section off my hair, that way I know exactly where the clip ins need to go. The instructions break it down step-by-step on which pieces to apply and when. I would have definitely been lost without this info.

Before I start, I make sure I lay out all the pieces so I know which clips to add when. I thought it was going to be largest to smallest, but it's not, so make sure to pay close attention!

Once everything is in order, I start to clip up my hair in sections. I brush the clip in extension and then clip it in to my hair. After this, I let down my hair and blend everything together. Again, I want to make sure the placement is right because I am not going for length, but for the volume.

Once everything is clipped in, that's when the magic starts to happen! I brush through everything to make sure it's nice and blended. I love when I can feel how thick my hair is once all the extensions are in. Because Cashmere Hair uses real human hair, everything feels extremely natural. I am usually self conscious when where extensions because I feel like people can tell (even though they can't), but with Cashmere Hair I don't have to worry about that.

Here's a funny story: My boyfriend knew I was doing something with my hair but I didn't tell him exactly what. Once I was finished, I showed him the finished look & he loved it! He said "Wow babe! I love how full your hair looks... What did you do?" And when your boyfriend / significant other notices the difference, you know it's working! So, thank you Cashmere Hair for helping me achieve my hair volume dreams.

So I am a full time content creator and when I'm in front of the camera I have to like my hair in photos otherwise I don't like the photo at all. I know I have long, pretty hair, but I get self conscious about how flat it can be on the top. You could ask any of my friends... My first question is "Does my hair look ok?" And I know if I'm having a bad hair day it's just not going to happen or I throw on a hat. Luckily, with Cashmere Hair Extensions, I've had so many less of these days. I feel so much better with the extra added volume and so much for confident in photos. I know that I can be my toughest critic, but doesn't every girl want to feel their best? I know I do!

My rating of these extensions is a 10/10. I found this company at a beauty event & they have been so great to work with. I wasn't sure what color I should choose, but they were so helpful. I sent them photos of my hair and they recommended the shade I should get. I went with the light brown clip in extensions. I think this color suited me perfectly.

If you're hesitant about trying hair extensions (which I was at first!), don't be! They send you a sample clip that you can try before you open the whole package. This was perfect to check the color matching & to make sure I could clip it in my hair and make sure I was comfortable. If you don't like the sample piece, you are able to return the set as long as it's unopened. I loved that because it gave me peace of mind.

Like I said before, this process was super easy & trying these extensions was so fun and I loved my results. I was looking to increase my volume, not length, and Cashmere Hair Extensions did just that! Now I feel more comfortable and confident with my every day hairstyles and it makes my job so much easier. Cheers to better volume! Now I want to know... Do you wear hair extension for length, volume or both? Let me know in the comments!



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