June 3rd, 2016

Double Dutch Braided Bun Tutorial

By Makenna Ashley

This double dutch braided bun is truly a great hairstyle for any occasion! Pair it with a flowy dress and strappy sandals for an effortless, feminine look... or with your best pair of heels for date night/girls night out! You can't go wrong dressing this look up or down. Naturally, I have normal-thin hair, so using my extensions allows for thicker braids and a bigger, messier bun! xo Braided Bun Cashmere Hair Step 1: Starting at the top of your part, start your dutch braid. You'll want to add in hair to each section until reaching your ear, then continue on with a regular dutch braid (crossing sections underneath.) Step 2: Pull out pieces from your braid, adding the illusion of volume and thickness.  Step 3: Leaving a corner section of your hair out, pull your hair into a messy bun. Braid the corner section. Step 4 & 5: Wrap the lower braid around the bun, using bobby pins to secure the top and bottom. Make sure you're  not wrapping too tightly around the bun, as this may hide the braid; wrap around the perimeter of the bun. Step 6, 7, 8: Start wrapping the top dutch braid around your bun, starting around the top of bun around the bottom. Starting the wrapping at the top will ensure a more visible braid. Tuck away any loose ends into the bun using a bobby pin. Double Dutch Braided Bun by Makenna Ashley using Cashmere Hair Extensions in the Sunset Blonde shade. CASHMERE HAIR EXTENSIONS