June 2nd, 2017

Effortless Knotted Ponytail Tutorial

By Makenna Ashley

Try this effortless knotted ponytail with your Cashmere Hair® clip in extensions in any length. Happy day, gorgeous Cashmere babes! We're bringing you a hairstyle that you can do under three minutes, and all you'll need is a clear elastic. Perfect for second or third day curls as well. Step 1: Clip in Cashmere Hair® extensions then gather all the hair to one side.  Take two 1" sections of hair from the bottom section of hair, split it half around the remainder of the hair. Step 2: Tie the two sections into a knot. Step 3: Secure on the opposite side of the ponytail with a clear elastic. Tip: The elastic should remain on the underneath side of the ponytail, hidden from sight. Easy and so chic, this knotted ponytail is easy and great for summer.  

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