July 30th, 2021

Hair Extensions and Sunscreen: What You Need To Know

By Kerry Lynn

Summer is in full force -- and that means it is time to soak up the sun! As we enjoy the gorgeous weather and good summer vibes, it essential to keep up with a skin care routine that includes an SPF in order to protect your skin from the sun. Although your skin may love your sunscreen and soak up all of the wonderful benefits, your clip in extensions may not be too happy with the ingredients inside the bottle. The good news is, there are sunscreens out there that will love both your summer skin and luxury clip in hair extensions.

Similar to how SPF and other beauty products have been known to stain clothes, your go-to sunscreen may have the potential to stain your hair extensions (especially blonde hair extensions). Sunscreens containing the ingredients, Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) and Octocrylene, can cause hair extensions to turn a shade of pink or orange -- although this may make for a beautiful sunset, our hair extensions say "no thanks". Sunscreens that contain these particular ingredients have the potential to go through a chemical reaction which can result in a change of color on the hair. The trick to finding the perfect SPF for your skin and your clip in extensions is to opt out of using any sunscreens with Avabenzone and Octocrylene -- and find a rub-on, mineral-based sunscreen. When applying sunscreen, try to keep your hair up and off of your skin so that no product is transferred onto your hair. This will help prevent product build up or unwanted texture on your hair extensions